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Thief Review



Garrett is a Master Thief, and one does not obtain that title simply by nabbing whatever looks fancy. One must be dedicated to the goal and the contract. This understandably comes at the cost of a social life and interest in unrelated events. That is my somewhat roundabout way of saying Garrett does not really care about the political happenings in the city, even when he is in the middle of them, due to the contract he has at the moment.

The city is ruled by the Baron, who seeks to grow the city into a miracle of industry. An illness called the Gloom, however, has struck the city, and is causing great unrest as the dead must be collected and the Watch indiscriminately clears the streets. As you can expect, the unrest reaches a tipping point, but this does not reduce the danger Garrett is in as he walks the streets. That comes later in the game though.

In the beginning, Garrett and Erin, another thief, go to steal a special stone for someone. When they find it is being used in some kind of ritual by the Baron, Garrett decides to leave as the mission cannot be accomplished. Erin is not so willing to leave, and ultimately both thieves literally crash the ritual. The next thing Garrett remembers is being brought into the city in a cart, and soon he learns that last job took place a year before.














Garrett's reaction, or rather lack of reaction, to this information somewhat disappointed me. I can understand wanting to get back to work, as he does, but when you learn you have missed the past year, I would think you would ask more questions than he does. Eventually the questions are answered, but the answers do not really start coming until about Chapter 5. Before that you are focused almost exclusively on what contracts you are given. Personally I do wish the answers started coming sooner than that, but I have to say that Chapter 5, which takes place in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, was very well constructed. I should not say more, lest I spoil anything, but just understand that it will be worth taking your time to explore the hospital to take in all the events and occurrences created just for the gamer.

Though it was delayed, in my opinion, this plot of the story does a pretty good job on delivering everything that can be expected of it and more. Ultimately all of the plots do wrap up together into a nice, complex story, with answers for your questions.


By the way, as can be expected the story has a pivotal twist in it. While I knew to expect one, what actually happened is different than what I had anticipated. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by that.

Altogether the story of Thief is solid and complicated, making for an interesting and intriguing experience. It may be a little slow in providing answers, but it does not fail to give them. Also reading the various writings and listening to the many conversations will reveal to you a deeper world than you may at first expect.


Something I should mention was that at times it felt to me like the thieving and side-missions in the game can actually impair the story. The reason is because completing them after each mission adds a buffer between the events of the missions. That can hurt the sense of a continuous story. If that is something important to you, then bear that in mind as you play. If not, then play however you wish.

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