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ThermoLab BADA Review



Heat sinks on the market target all sorts of users with various features and in different price ranges to fit into markets - low/cheap-end, medium, and the high-end. Each market will also use specific features such as noise production, cooling capacity/performance, build quality and warranty, fancy looks and packaging, price, and size as well as many other features. ThermoLab produces the heat sink reviewed here today, it is dubbed the BADA, which in Korean translates to "the sea". The three heat pipes suggest this to be an entry-level heat sink that should do a lot better than the stock Intel i7 heat sink. The design is similar to the Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro with more spread out heat pipes and decorated fins, and a bolt-in mount rather than pushpins. The overall design should prove to be sturdy and efficient at a midrange level.


Closer Look:

The packaging is very plain - black ink on cardboard. The cardboard box folds shut with no tape to hold the flap closed. The sides are fairly strong and shout protect the heat sink nicely during shipping; this one had no damage at all. The top says ThermoLab Effective Thermal Management Solution, CPU Cooler BADA. Flipping it over shows the translation for BADA; in Korean it means "the sea". Underneath the box boldly states that this heat sink was produced in Korea. The cardboard box is very strong and protects the contents well though lacks the graphical content that many plastic containers would have.










The first side shows the socket support - Intel 775/1366, and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3. The dimensions are 95x115x135 (LxWxH)mm and also states that it comes with a fan. Opening the box users will find the manual sitting neatly on top of cardboard forms.



Removing the first cardboard form, the heat sink is encased by another folded form and protected from dust and dirt by a sealed plastic bag. The manual reads very cleanly with good grammar and instructions on how to set the BADA up on all the supported sockets. The photo suggests an X application of thermal paste.



Further underneath the heat sink is a zip lock bag with the thermal paste and mounting kit. There are spares for each type of screw and the nuts, four brackets and back plate, and backing material. Four small plastic washers were missing from this kit but not really needed either.



With it unpacked it's time to look at the heat sink.

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  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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