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ThermoEngine V6 Heatsink

Price: $35.99

I have been attached to my GlobalWin FOP38 a little too long.. So, I sought out to find a new heatsink that could provide better performance. I emailed Scott at HighSpeedPC.com to ask him to send me one of their ThermoEngine V6 heatsinks. He said, he would ship it out first thing Monday morning along with the stock fan, the YS tech fan, and the famous Delta fan. Here we are, two day's later and I have the package on my door step (Super fast shipping on their part). Today, I will be testing this heatsink along with the three fans.


Heat Sink
Dimensions 60x60x42mm
Material Aluminum Alloy
Weight 258.6g (including clip & stock fan)
Thermal resistance 0.56 deg C/W at 12V
Clip attach force 19 +/- 3 lbs

Stock Fan
Dimensions 60x60x10
Bearing system Ball bearing system
Voltage 12V DC
Fan RPM 3500-5500rpm
Noise Level 29.8-35.7 dBA
Air Delivery 16.3-19.8 CFM



At first glance of the Thermo Engine V6 heatsink, you will notice it's unique design that is like no other heatsink on the market today. The "core" of the heatsink is solid aluminium throughout, with fins radiating out from the core. This design provides excellent conductivity and heat-dissipation, and is also very appealing to look at. I suppose a picture is worth a thousand words:

Top view with the fan off


The picture below is the stock fan that comes with this heatsink. This fan is very quiet with high air flow rate, and is also super thin in size.

I absolutly love the clip that comes with this heatsink! It's super easy to install the heatsink because of this specially designed clip. It's a very awkward looking clip, but it super easy to install.

Installation is pretty straight forward. The first thing you need to do is power down your PC, unplug cables, then open your case. Next, proceed by taking off your old heatsink/fan. The HSF I will be taking out of my PC is my beloved GlobalWin FOP38. Next clean off your cpu's core from the old thermal pad or thermal grease. The first thing I did when I got this ThermoEngine V6 was remove the thermal pad (I call it "gum") that came on it. If you want to use the thermal pad or if you don't have any Artic Silver II just leave it on. I applied Artic Silver II to my cpu, as it works much better than any other thermal grease or thermal pad for that matter. After you applied your thermal grease or pad, position the heatsink ontop of your cpu.

Then hook this clip on your socket.

Lastly, snap down the other clip with your thumb or you can use a flathead screwdriver.

The test system we used was a [email protected] blue core T-bird (9 multiplier 136 FSB), running on a KT7A-RAID, with 768mb PC-133. I used [email protected] and SiSoft (Burn in Wizard) to stress the CPU for the full load results.

Pics of the fans that were used:

..and the results are in!

I'm sold on the ThermoEngine V6 w/ Delta fan! I can't wait to overclock with this new heatsink to see what it's really made of! I'll post more results once I do that. I guess I will throw my GlobalWin FOP38 in the computer closet and use it as a spare if need be. I liked everything about this heatsink, except one thing. Thermosonic did not include a chrome fan grill. I guess since they included a low RPM fan they didn't think one would be needed. This is true, but the chrome grill adds to the looks of a heatsink :) or I think so anyway.. If you buy this heatsink from HighSpeedPC.com with the Delta fan upgrade, they will include the chrome grill free. I'd like to thank Scott at HighSpeedPC.com for providing this heatsink along with the three fans. Also I would like to thank him for sending me out a new rounded cable because I broke mine :/

  • Excellent heat-dissipation
  • Looks very cool!
  • Out performed my Fop38!

  • Thermosonic did not choose to include a chrome fan grill
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