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Thermaltake Memory Cooling Kit Review

Price: $9.95 USD

Thermaltake's memory cooler kit looks very cool in its small package. The heat spreaders and heat-sinks are made of aluminum which are anodized blue. These can be seen without opening the package. Just holding it made me want to open it like a kid on Christmas! Once opened, I found everything to be in perfect condition. Thermaltake did a nice job on the on the anodized aluminum. My cat ran off with one of the heat spreaders and didn't leave any teeth marks! After I got that back I couldn't wait to get started.

  • Heat Spreaders for DDR or SDR memory module
  • Heat-sinks for memory module or video card memory
  • Long thermal pads for heat spreaders
  • Short thermal pads for heat-sinks
  • Spring clips to keep the spreaders or sinks in place on memory module
  • 1-1/2" x 5/8" Plaque "Performance Cooled By Thermaltake"

    Well, you have two choices where to install them. You can use 1 heat spreader and both heat-sinks on a memory module, or you can you can use both heat spreaders on a memory module and save both heat-sinks for your video ram. The first option leaves you with an extra heat spreader. So, I decided to go with the second option. Installing these bad boys was a breeze! You start off by putting a long thermal pad on the back side of one of the heat spreaders. Then apply that spreader to one side of your memory module. Repeat this process for the other heat spreader. Once the spreaders are installed, slip the clips over the memory. They are a little tight but they do fit. They should look like the pic below.

    The 2 heat-sinks above the ram will be going on my video card. These were even easier to install! Just take the short thermal pads and apply them to the heat-sinks. Then lay them across the memory on your video card. Press down firmly for a few seconds. The heat-sinks should now be attached to your video ram. The pic below is what they look like on my Voodoo3 card.

    The next step was putting everything back in the case. The memory module went back in its slot with no problem. The heat spreaders did not get in the way of seating the memory, nor did it get in the way of the memory clips. The heat spreaders did not take up any extra room in the slot. It looks like you might have a problem with space if you use the heat-sinks on your memory module! After installing my video card I noticed that if you have a card in the #1 PCI slot the heat-sinks from the video ram will be sitting on the back of it! Here is what it looked like back in my system.

    Cool looking, huh? After running my system for almost 2 days the temps in my case are the same as they were before the this upgrade. I know they are doing something because my ram is now cool to the touch. However, this is not the kit for you if you are looking for major system cooling. But, for the price you can't beat the looks!!!

    • Easy installation
    • Looks great

    • A choice of colors would be nice.

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