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Thermaltake Xaser VI Mx VH9000BWS Review

Price: $119.99


What would a computer be without a case ? Close to nothing. The installed hardware needs to be protected, supported, and cooled. You couldn't bring it to your friend's home if it were not in a case. Moreover, it beautifies the computer and it can add features such as front USB ports that are unusable without a case. However, it needs to be as simple to use as possible and its size should not restrict the hardware choices you make to put in it. Since the selection of a case is a very personal decision, many people take some time to make the choice based on the needs of their build. Size, color, features, power supply (whether included or not) are all things to look at.

Thermaltake recently put new cases on the market, the Xaser VI MX VH9000 series. In the next few pages, I will be testing the VH9000BWS, which belongs to this series. This version of the Xaser VI includes a window on the side, in contrast with the VH9000BNS. So if you're currently shopping for a new case and you are wondering which to choose, you are reading the right article. I will see if the Xaser VI is able to accomplish its mission as a high-end case. But before I pass judgment, let's take a look at the latest from Thermaltake.

Closer Look:

The case has a simple cardboard box. Nothing fancy, just some pictures and explanations. On the front, there is a picture of the case, and the advice: "This time, don't let the Thermaltake Xaser VI Mx slip away!" On the back, it goes straight to the point, its features.















The case is well protected. It has large foam sleeves on each side to center the Xaser right in the middle of the box. A tissue bag also protects the chassis from scrapes while in transit. The protection in packageing the Xaser is more than most manufacturers do.


A few accessories come along with this case. Thermaltake provides some tie-wraps and adhesive cable hangers to help you in your cable management. Obviously, there is a user's manual which clearly explains each and every feature of the case, and a sticker of the Key 3 spirit concept, representing quality, performance and reliability. This is part of the Key 3 spirit campaign which include three major product lines, the cases, the power supply and the coolers. This campaign claims that all products labeled Key 3 spirit incorporate the concept of performance, silent operation and thermal consciousness. The last thing provided with this case is a small cloth for washing it. Since fingerprints are easily visible on the shiny black finish, you'll need to use this cloth if you want your case to be as beautiful as possible.


So now let's look at the case itself.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (Working Components)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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