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Thermaltake WingRS 100 Review

Price: $39.50


If any of you out there are anything like me, you have built many PCs using scrap parts lying around, not paying much attention to aesthetics. At times I found myself stating with disdain: “a case is a case.” This statement brings with it a question; is this truly the case? Cheesy, poorly thought-out puns aside, how much really does a case affect the performance of your PC? Does the design keep it cooler and make better use of small space? The Thermaltake WingRS 100 case wants to take a shot at answering these questions in our review today.

Will the Thermaltake WingRS 100 case truly be your answer for your case needs? Follow along through the review and we can find out together if this case is going to live up to the Thermaltake legacy, or is it as I stated above, "just a case."



Closer Look:

The Thermaltake WingRS 100 doesn’t come in flashy packaging, just a brown box with black lettering for the label. Thermaltake's website can be found on the side of the box, which is helpful if the manual you received in the box has something missing and you need additional support. 











The WIngRS 100 is secured in Styrofoam at the top and bottom of the case. It also comes wrapped in synthetic cheese-cloth like wrapping, to protect the case from scratches in shipping. Thermaltake has taken the time to ensure that the WingRS is secure in its' packaging during  shipment.



The WingRS comes shipped with screws, a PCI slot cover, and standoffs that will be needed for assembly. It also comes with the user manual. Pertinent information specific to your motherboard will have to be found in your motheboard manufacturer's manual for more in-depth information.



Now let's have a closer look at the Thermaltake WingRS 100 and its options.

  1. Introduction and Closer Look
  2. Closer look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (Working Componants)
  4. Installation
  5. Specifications and Features
  6. Testing
  7. Conclusion
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