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Thermaltake Water 2.0 Performer and Water 2.0 Pro Review



Well, if everyone sees what I see, the performance numbers from these coolers seems to be pretty good. For comparing right around its price range, it puts out comparable numbers. The Water 2.0 Pro hangs with the Phanteks PH-TC14PE, the current air cooling champion, and bumps up to the Corsair H100 water system, which uses a 2x120mm radiator. The Water 2.0 Performer nests itself right around the performance levels of the Thermaltake Frio Extreme, beating out the similarly-priced Thermaltake Frio Advanced by a strong margin as it is valued at only about $10-15 more.

My first impressions of these two water cooling units were good. I liked the compact nature, the quiet fan specifications, the flexible tubing and the swivel fittings all helped overcome the bar where I expected these units to be. I will admit that the installation process, being unique, took me by surprise and I had to clarify several things in the manual. Other than that, the installation process went smoothly and I have no complaints. In the Corsair Obsidian 650D case, I found out that the memory modules would knock into the interior fan on the Water 2.0 Pro if I tried to install it on the top. The Water 2.0 Performer would not have this problem due to its thinner radiator, but to keep things consistent I also tested it on the rear of the case like the Water 2.0 Pro. The noise levels are very acceptable, I only began to actually hear anything until the CPU was loaded and the fans spun up — a little bit.

Overall I am pleased with these two cooling units and I like what Thermaltake has done. These worked well for me and I'm sure that they will work well in plenty of other systems, too. The Water 2.0 Extreme is also available now, and uses a 2x120mm radiator, which should continue the performance trend and outdo the Water 2.0 Pro. Right now, these two coolers can be purchased for $69.99 and $96.99 after a $10 and $15 mail in rebate, respectively. I expect after a couple of months for the prices to settle down a little bit, and they should become even more affordable. These two coolers certainly aren't for the everyday power user, but would definitely suit someone looking to get great overclockability with low temperatures and deal with little noise.



  • Great performance
  • Quiet operation
  • Hoses are very flexible
  • 180° swivel fittings on water block
  • Little to no maintenance



  • Installation was a little tricky
  • Thick radiator core may interfere with memory/tall components at top of case


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