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Thermaltake Urban T81 Review


Thermaltake Urban T81: The Case

The Urban series all have the brushed aluminum door to fit the aesthetics of the chassis . You simply grab the lip half way up the side and lightly pull. It doesn't fall back because the door has a little bit of weight, while the latching is held on by magnets and strong enough to keep the door snugly in place. I like this design choice because all too often does a latch break after opening and closing it too many times. You don't have to worry about that with this chassis, because it doesn't have a latch per say and feels fairly sturdy with metal hinges.

Taking off both the top and front panel was as easy as one could ask for and this is how they all should be, in my opinion. To remove either panel grab it from the bottom or back and lightly tug. Simple and effective. Thermaltake goes the extra mile and includes 200mm fans that are connected and controlled via the front I/O panel. These fans can be set to low (600 RPM) or high (800 RPM).



Behind the swinging door are two dust filters that can be removed independently of each other. Each filter can be detached by pressing down on the top latch while pulling for it to release its hold. Installing is just as easy and performed by setting it place and pushing inwards until you hear the click of it latching.


Inside the font door are two external 5.25" bays that can be removed fairly easily. By pressing the latch of the left hand side and pushing in the opposite direction, each panel pops out. With the front panel removed you can see that each bay is held in place my thumb screws. This is great that Thermaltake allows for them to be removed and helps in allowing for mods or large radiators.



Removing the top reveals a single 200mm fan with a few other cooling configurations. Those fan configurations allows for up to three 140mm fans and an assortment of radiator options for water cooling (covered later).


The front of the chassis, covered lightly earlier, has a decent selection of I/O ports and buttons. On the left top corner is the built-in fan controller that is already connected to all three 200mm fans. The controller only has two options of high or low and is enough to be sufficient. Below that is a small reset button and a larger power button. To the left of those are the standard microphone and headphone jacks. The final set of ports belong to USB 2.0 and 3.0. I'm glad to see Thermaltake including USB 3.0 as it has become an ever growing trend, but the best part is the amount of USB 2.0 ports for those who may just want a port to use. This can leave the high speed ones open for devices that can benefit from its speed increase.


Inside the chassis is the standard manual, bag with screws, and zip-ties. A happy surprise was the inclusion of an 8-pin CPU extension cable that Thermaltake provided. This is great if your power supply cables aren't long enough for the large chassis. It's happened to me often enough that I have a spare extension cable handy when installing in a large chassis. The common source of the problem, generally, is that power supplies tend to have shorter cables when marketing towards lower wattage. Not everyone needs a 1000 watt power supply in a full tower, sometimes 500-600 watts is enough if you're just running one video card, and this is where the extension cable shines.

The manual itself is decent enough and has all the installation information, along with radiator and fan support information. I would like to thank Thermaltake for taking the time to include a very detailed illustration of what can come out and what is supported for installation. This is essential for any enthusiast chassis that has the ability to transform and be customized as the users like.

  1. Thermaltake Urban T81: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Thermaltake Urban T81: The Case
  3. Thermaltake Urban T81: Working Components
  4. Thermaltake Urban T81: Advanced Features
  5. Thermaltake Urban T81: Specifications & Features
  6. Thermaltake Urban T81: Testing: Setup & Results
  7. Thermaltake Urban T81: Conclusion
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