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Thermaltake Urban S21 Review


Thermaltake Urban S21 Closer Look:

It's unwrapped! After some careful tugging, the Styrofoam came off, and the case looks about the same as the picture on the box. No, that is not your eyes playing tricks, the case is black. Call it what you want, but it does match the box so no one is pulling a fast one over you. When Thermaltake said "Simple yet Elegant" on the box, they really meant it.  This case is slender with rounded edges on the front and back to keep your eyes moving. Pertaining to the sides, I can't help but wonder if the case is using the golden ratio or perfect rectangle in which the Greeks perfected this idea. Look it up; it's a good read even if maybe I’m going a little far. The case holds a simple clean shape, and I don't think you can find anyone who will argue that fact.
















The factory made an oops! The top thumb screws to the door panel was on so tight that it bent the metal and I had to use clamps to get it off, as a screwdriver would have stripped the screw. It happens though, and after getting the screw out, I did a few bends and the case was fixed.


Getting back on track, the top portion has two USB 3.0 ports as well as microphone and headphone jacks. I'm glad to see companies putting USB 3.0 ports on things, but the issue ultimately reminds me that most motherboard companies are still only offering one USB 3.0 port. As a consumer, you must choose wisely on how to use it. Personally, I use my monitor as it's the closest thing to me, but all other times it's straight into whatever port on the front is offered. Instead of going to the back on the motherboard it's very hardy to have high-speed ports on the front. Continuing on, a blue bar lights up indicating the computer is on just in case you didn't notice sound coming from the box. I must note that this blue light has been given great care not to blind you. In the day time you can see it as well as night, but neither times does it burn your eyes like many others with power lights. In fact, I have taped over LED lights in the past for that very reason. Lastly, looking at the top from left to right, you have the hard drive light that blinks red when being used, the big power button, and the reset rectangle. Pressing the power button was smooth and not likely to get jammed with round corners.



Sometimes a picture can be misleading. In this example, looking at the case I honestly thought it had no external bays, reading the specs on the side of the box I realized it must have a very nice door to fit the aesthetics of the case. You simply grab the lip on the button and pull. It doesn't fall back because the door has a little bit of weight and is held on by magnets strong enough to keep the door snugly in place. I like this design choice because all too often does a latch break after opening and closing it too many times. At that point, I usually rip the door off if I can't find the screws. You don't have to worry about that with this case. Secondly, you have a fan filter attached. It was a simple affair to get it off and just as easy to clean.



Lastly, the top of the case has a 140mm vent with a mesh to stop dust. It does not have holes to screw a fan on nor can the mesh be removed.  I went to the website to double check and found nice pictures showing a top-mounted fan. I then checked the manual and didn't see it listed. When I inspected it up close, that mesh isn't meant to be removed. If you did somehow manage to remove it, the fan will hit the motherboard. I guess when they say, "*The product picture(s) is only for your reference, it may differ from the actual product" it is true.

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