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Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Talon Gaming Mouse Review


Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Talon Gaming Mouse: Conclusion

Let's wrap things up with a rundown of the pros and cons of this mouse. Ultimately, a mouse is only as practical as one makes it. Having a mouse with a bunch of customizable macros on the side or only the basics isn't something that can be outright judged unless it doesn't work. Practicality does have a factor, but this is something really left to someones preference. I believe reviews should be the least bias as possible, but peripherals are extremely hard to follow these guidelines. Before concluding with what could be a deal breakers to some, my own preference is something of a basic nature. I grew up using a ball mice that had no special features and the mouse speed had to be adjusted per game and in windows when needed. Having mice with a personal touch is great for those who need it, but it isn't something I have ever found myself needing, but rather would enjoy if available.

With all that behind me, this is a $20 mouse with a ton of features that is unmatched in this price range. Let that sink in for a minute while you ask yourself "what do you really use in a mouse?". If it's simply that you press mouse button 1, 2, and use High DPI, then look no further! With a button that allows to switch between DPI presets is a great addition that not many mice have on the mouse itself. 

To continue; having no software can be a blessing in disguise. This means you can plug it into any computer with a USB port and within seconds be able to use the mouse. Now depending on the mice, drivers need to be installed to even use it or change the settings. The flip side of this, is just the opposite; you have no software to change any settings. That means the lights must be set every time you turn on the computer and any macros they may have been an option, must be set per application.

That is a whole lot of information, so let me recap and lay it down. This mouse is amazing for the price, but doesn't have all the glam that gamers are use to. This means a few things can be annoying like the limited memory, in which the mouse forgets what colors settings it was on every time the computer is turned off. The DPI setting is retained. I already replaced my work mouse with this, even if the pulsing colors annoying my co-workers. It's better than anything they could supply me and the "no software" is a plus since the computers are heavily locked down.


  • Price
  • On the fly DPI button
  • Up to 3000 DPI
  • No optional software (good or bad)
  • Life cycle of five million clicks



  • Limited memory
  • No optional software (good or bad)
  • Pulsing color(s)
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