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Thermaltake SpinQ VT Review



The Spin Q VT from Thermaltake has a lot going for it; it's good looking, has a manual fan speed control, ease of installation, comparable performance and a unique design. While it did not deliver the best performance out of the comparison heatsinks, it does offer performance on par with some of the other coolers on the market. The adjustable fan speed control is a great idea and gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to ratchet the fan speed down to a point where it is inaudible at 1000 RPM and 19dBa. By the same token, you can increase the cooling performance by upping the fan speed to high, which results in 86.5 C.F.M. worth of airflow at 28dBa to keep your processor cool. The tower design really works since it puts the SpinQ VT right in the path of the outgoing airflow of most cases, helping keep the heat load out of the case. This cooler has the capability of being mounted to just about any current socket with the universal mounting hardware included with the SpinQ VT. AMD? Intel? It's all there to make it happen. One thing that was a standout item are the mounting brackets for use with Intel socket 1366 and 1156 processors. The difference in the mounting holes between the two is 3 mm. Thermaltake used a sliding push pin system that allows a single bracket to cover both sockets. On the AMD side there is just a single bracket as well to cover the AMD socket types from socket 754 up to AM3. Priced at 55 dollars, the SpinQ VT is not going to be on the inexpensive side of the aisle but it is not priced off the deep end either, so really it does present some value for your dollar. The SpinQ VT is a heatskink that can cool your processor and offers substantial performance over the stock Intel solution. It can go from super silent to just barely audible depending on your cooling needs with the spin of a knob. Top it off with good looks and composite copper aluminum construction and you have a winner.



  • Performance
  • Adjustable fan speeds
  • Tower design
  • Good looks
  • Pricing
  • Multi socket mounting



  • None


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