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Thermaltake SpinQ VT Review


Closer Look:

Thermaltake's SpinQ VT is a tower style heatsink that is circular in design with a squirrel cage style fan to blow air through the entire surface area of the cooler. Air is pulled in through the top opening and pushed through the 50 nickel plated copper fins. The base is made of both copper and aluminum with three 6mm copper heatpipes running through the base plate carrying the thermal load to the copper fin array to be dispersed by the airflow from the fan. The whole assembly is nickel plated for a clean look. The SpinQ VT stands 159mm tall and measures a tick over 120mm in diameter. This puts it in some tall company as many of the top rated heatsinks on the market are large tower style heatsinks. The copper fins are offset from each other by a slight amount to expose more surface area, so as you might imagine, this helps drop the temperatures this cooler delivers down a notch while giving it an unique design first seen on the original SpinQ. The SpinQ has the fan array mounted horizontally whereas this revision goes vertical, hence the name VT, which I can only guess at the meaning but Vertical Tower sounds good to me!














The base if the cooler has a few machining marks visible to the eye but were not really rough enough to feel. The brackets needed to mount the SpinQ VT are screwed to the baseplate of the cooler with four screws if you are using this cooler on an Intel system and the AMD bracket just rides on the top, putting pressure on the CPU socket.


The fan for the SpinQ VT resides inside the cooler and is called a VR style fan by Thermaltake. The fan is a blower, or Squirrel cage design, that pulls air through the top and bottom openings to blow the air through the 50 copper fans! Power is supplied via a 3-pin connector that can go to a motherboard header or connected to a 3-pin to 4-pin adapter harness (not included). This fan can be adjusted manually via a speed control installed on a wiring pig tail coming off the fan hub. This gives you a range of speed from 1000 to 1600 RPM with a decibel rating of from 19 to 28 dBa. When you turn the fan speed all the way up you can expect to get about 87 CFM worth of airflow through the fins of the SpinQ VT. The fan measures 80x85mm and uses a sleeve style bearing to keep everything in line. When the fan is turned on you get a nice red glow form the SpinQ VT to add a little bling to the inside of your case.




Mounting the SpinQ VT requires choosing the mounting hardware that is designed for the CPU and socket type you are using. I will be testing this cooler on an Intel socket 1156 based system so I needed to mount the correct brackets for the application. The SpinQ VT fit comfortably inside the Stacker 810 chassis with plenty of room to spare and was as simple to install as the stock Intel cooling solution. Four push pins and no removal of the motherboard to get it installed is a plus.



Let's see if the SpinQ VT can deliver the goods and keep the i5 750 cool.

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