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Thermaltake SpinQ Review

Price: $59.99


Are you in the overclocking scene? Maybe you are just an average computer user that has found the need to upgrade your cooling solution for what ever reason. Well when you are overclocking your processor, everyone knows that the biggest concern/problem we face is the amount of heat the processor is producing and how to keep it in check and running cool. The most popular way is by using a heatsink/fan setup. This is where Thermaltake comes into the picture with the release of their SpinQ CPU cooler, you are going to be able to slap on your CPU socket to keep your processor's temperature down. The Thermaltake SpinQ CPU Cooler has a new different design from any other cooler that I have seen which is making me very anxious and excited to test it and see how it is going to be able to compare to the other proven coolers out on the market.

Closer Look:

The packaging for the Thermaltake SpinQ CPU Cooler is a very simplistic and elegant looking package, as it is colored and brilliant white cooler with a black top and bottom. The top of the packaging for the SpinQ is where you are going to find the Thermaltake logo with the "Cool all your life" slogan under it. Next to this is where you are going to be able to find the SpinQ slogan, which reads "Spin Your World Quiet Down Your PC" making you think that the cooler is going to be able to run very silently along with add a new design to the CPU Cooling scene. The lower portion of the front is where you are going to find the SpinQ logo along with a smaller picture of the cooler to give you a nice visual of the SpinQ. The back of the packaging is where you are going to be able to find the main features of the Thermaltake SpinQ cooler along with a few different pictures detailing the different features of the unit. On one of the sides is where you are going to find all of the specifications of the SpinQ that you would ever need to refer to along with the different compatibility options to make sure your setup is covered.











The Thermaltake SpinQ cooler was packaged in a clear molded piece of plastic to keep the cooler safe from any damages that may occur during the shpping process resulting in bent/broken fins or heatpipes. There is also a small white cardboard box that is included in the packaging. This is where you are going to find all of the documentation along with all the accessories for installing the cooler.


The little white accessory box is again where you are going to find all the accessories that you are going to need to install your cooler to your motherboard/socket type of choice. There is a white Installation guide to help you figure out how and which mounting hardware to install to the SpinQ if you are unsure or need detailed help with the process. The green sheet of paper has a Thermaltake Key 3 Spirit case badge attached for you to place on your case if you wish and describes the Key 3 Spirit commitment to Thermaltake customers; which is basically that you are going to purchase the most quality products you can. There are two pieces to the  Socket 775 mounting hardware with 4 small screws to secure them to the base of the cooler; while of the AMD sockets, there is only one piece. Thermaltake has also included a little bit of thermal paste if you are out or have not bought any.



After taking a look at the packaging for the Thermaltake SpinQ and seeing what it comes packed with, I am ready to take a nice close and detailed look at the cooler itself.

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