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Thermaltake SMART 750W SP-750P Overview


Thermaltake SMART 750W SP-750P Closer Look:

The Thermaltake SMART 750W power supply unit is cooled by a massive 140mm fan. At the center of the fan grill is a sticker that covers up the fan hub with an ornate Thermaltake branding. One of the two top screws used for removing the cover has a warranty sticker on it. The sticker is made of a paper that is easily damaged to show if anyone has tampered with the device. It is important to note here that four more screws hidden under the giant stickers on the sides help keep the lid on! The bottom of the power supply unit has a large, colorful information sticker that shows the rated output, features, and certifications that it supports. The 12V rail con provide up to 62A, very impressive. The SMART 750W unit has ATX 12V 2.3 and EPS 12V outputs for supported motherboards. The main connector is a solid 24-pin connector while the EPS is a pair of 4-pins so users can choose to use one or both depending on the motherboard. This is a Switching power supply, which means it can support multiple power types automatically. The specifications claim voltages from 100-240 VAC, with frequencies between 47-63 Hz. This covers pretty much all power types across the world!

Every single side carries the Thermaltake brand or logo, either with stickers or metal stamping. Each side with the large SMART 750W sticker has two screws holding the top and bottom of the case together. The sticker is two-part and will separate if you are not careful in peeling the paper layer. Connectors on the power supply cables are spaced out roughly six inches from each other on cables with multiple connectors. The cable layout is as follows: one 24-pin Main cable measured at roughly 21.5 inches; one 4x4-pin ATX/EPS connector measures roughly 24 inches; two PCIe 6+2 cables, each having two pairs of PCIe connectors for four total, measure out to 20 inches for the first and 25 inches for the second connector; two Molex cables provide two connectors each, while one cable also has a single FDD connector added to the end. These cables measure roughly 18 inches to the first connectors and 24 inches to the second plus another six inches for the FDD connector. Lastly the two SATA cables each provide four connectors – three of which are the pass-through 180° design while the last is connected through the back; the first connection is 18 inches away, second 24 inches, third 30 inches, and lastly fourth at 36 inches.
















No switch is needed or provided for switching between different voltages; the SMART 750W power supply automatically switches between a range of 100-240VAC, supporting virtually every consumer electrical design in the world! An on/off kill switch is located next to the socket. The socket is reinforced by being placed next to the edge of the back and by having only the top nearby-region being mesh and the rest solid metal. The two screws at the front of the housing hold a daughter board that bridges the dozens of output wires that get their power from the much thicker “feed” wires that you will see in the pictures down below. To open the unit one must remove two screws at the top and two on each side that you can feel-out by rubbing your finger on the sides where the sticker meets the edge and finding the indents – these are screw heads! Tampering with these screws voids the warranty; there are no user-serviceable parts inside!



Thermaltake SMART 750W SP-750P Closer Look Internals:

Power supply technology has advanced quite a bit over the ages. The Rectifier and MOSFETs have much smaller passive cooling, and many of the components are smaller in general. The high efficiency design has helped reduce heat output (which is a form of energy loss). Thermaltake was generous with the shielding, which is nice to see the attention to details. The transformers have Channel Well Technology (CWT) stickers on them. The large capacitor on the filtering (primary) side is a Japanese capacitor labeled: Nippon Chemi-Con 400V 390µF(M) KMR Series 105 °C. The rest of the unit has many CapXon capacitors, which are considered mediocre at best by most, but are also less important compared to the Nippon role-wise.

The very large yellow and black wires going to the daughter board are the 12V source wires. A daughter board is able to prevent damage to the power supply if users tug on the wires or bend the power supply by giving slack and conforming in motion more with the wires. This design also cleans up the main PCB greatly and makes it much easier for modders to make changes. Printed on the PCB near the fuse under the power socket, it lists which fuse to get for different wattage units, in this case a 10A 250V Ceramic fuse. The fan is a Yate Loon, model D14SH-12. It is 140x25mm and can provide up to 140 CFM of air flow at 48.5 dBA. This version only features two power wires on a two-pin connection and has a custom sticker with the Thermaltake theme. The power supply throttles fan speed based on how it is loaded according to Thermaltake, so at low power draw this fan could be nearly silent or even off!




The following page has technical specifications and features about the SP-750P.

  1. Thermaltake SMART 750W SP-750P Introduction and Closer Look
  2. Thermaltake SMART 750W SP-750P Closer Look
  3. Thermaltake SMART 750W SP-750P Specifications & Features
  4. Thermaltake SMART 750W SP-750P Conclusion
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