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Thermaltake Silent 1156 Review

Price: $29.99


One of the most important items to consider when building a computer is what you are going to use to keep your expensive processor nice and cool so that it does its job and does it well. CPU coolers come in many shapes, sizes and types, such as large air cooled heat sinks or complex liquid cooled setups, all designed to keep your processor within its operating temperatures while pushing your system to the limits. To keep your system cool, you need a good transfer surface and good air flow/pressure. However, you do not want that jet engine blowing right next to you either. It is tough to find a CPU cooler that offers good cooling with low noise for newer sockets, such as the Socket LGA 1156 platform, until now. Thermaltake has designed a cooler for Socket 1156 platforms that is supposed to keep temperatures in acceptable levels while keeping the noise down to a low 22dB. This cooler uses a heat fin and heat pipe design with a specially designed low noise fan that funnels air over the cooling surface to lower your temperatures, while keeping you from grabbing some ear plugs. Will the reduction in speed of the fan hurt this design or will Thermaltake hit a sweet spot with the Silent 1156 cooler and surprise us all? Let’s take a look and see.


Closer Look:

The packaging of the Thermaltake Silent 1156 uses the same black and white scheme we have seen its products coming in lately. On the front of the box, there is a picture of the cooler so that you get a nice look at the design before you purchase it. It also shows the two heat pipes, as well as being only Socket LGA 1156 compatible. The back of the box lists the highlights of the Silent 1156, such as the design features and an air flow diagram. On the sides of the packaging, you'll find the specifications of the cooler and the fan so that you know exactly what to expect from the performance of the cooler.











When you open the package, you find another box that encloses the cooler and has the accessories underneath it. This keeps the cooler from having damage done to it and its delicate parts. Everything comes pre-assembled so there are no pieces that are disconnected that might rub against another causing damage or bending any of the parts.



Since this is a Socket 1156 cooler, there is no other socket parts included, which keeps down on the waste of the cooler. Included with the Thermaltake Silent 1156 cooler is the Socket 1156 retention clips, thermal paste, and the instructions, with a case badge. The retention clips used for the Silent 1156 are the quick push-pin design, which makes installing and removing the cooler a tool-less effort. The clips are the same design as we have seen on stock Intel Coolers, which are a great feature. However, in the past, I have had clips like these break, which renders the cooler useless.



Now let's see how the design of the Silent 1156 helps.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing: Setup & Results
  5. Conclusion
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