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Thermaltake ProWater 880i Review

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Everyone needs to cool their processor down, hence why it probably is a lucrative market where a lot, if not most, manufacturers have some sort of presence. Unfortunately, very few manage to truly distinguish themselves, whether it is because of their decent performance and affordability, or simply because they are the best there is. A few names always come back, while others are doomed to stay in the shadow of their superior competitors. However, things aren't as clear when it comes to water cooling. A lot of the components available on the market perform very close to each other and pricing is also quite similar. The advantage is that it gives the user a lot of flexibility in a custom build, but some just want a single package to work out of the box. Unfortunately, a lot of those kits are underwhelming. All hope isn't lost though, as some have managed to show good performance and the all in one offering makes it much easier for anyone to dive under water.

Thermaltake is a well known company who manufactures all sorts of cooling related products, from cases and fans to air and water cooling solutions. One of their latest products for keeping Intel's Core i7's cool is part of their best performing water cooling series - the ProWater 880i. This new kit has very few differences and potential advantages over the one it's replacing, the 850i. However, they are far from negligible. The 880i packs a 240mm radiator, a new water block adapted for socket 1366, as well as the same pump and reservoir included with its predecessor. Being their new top end cooling kit, it's fair to expect great performance out of this.



Closer Look



Thermaltake goes straight to the point when it comes to their packaging. The ProWater 880i water cooling kit comes into a large and solid cardboard box showing most of the kit in all its glory. A detailed list of specifications and features is listed on both sides. On the back is more detail about specific components included with the kit.




Inside the box is foam - plenty of foam. There really is very little to no risk to have anything broken due to shipping damage. One half houses the coolant bottle, accessory box, tubing and manual while the other half protects all the main components. The radiator, cooling block, pump and reservoir are all safe and sound in their respective compartments.



Let's see what exactly Thermaltake has included.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Installation
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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