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Thermaltake NiC-F4 Review

Price: $39.99

Thermaltake NiC-F4 Introduction:

Cooling your high, or even moderately priced processor is going to require something more robust than what comes in the retail box. Large cooling solutions have been around for quite some time and some have bordered on the edge of insanity when you look at the size and pure weight penalty imparted to the motherboard. One of the chief problems with these large cooling solutions is not that they don't cool well enough, but that the end user gives up DRAM capacity or cooling performance due to how the fans need to attach the heat sink itself. That, in a nutshell, is the conundrum we face with the latest motherboard designs. However, Thermaltake has an answer for the problem with their line up of Non-Interference Coolers, hence the NiC in the naming of this cooler from Thermaltake — the NiC-F4. Featuring a heat pipe direct-contact design with 4 u-shaped heat pipes, this offering is rated to handle up to 180 watts thermal energy. Equipped with dual fans and a large slim tower, the NiC-F4 is compatible with all current CPU socket types from both Intel and AMD. Priced at a meager $40, the NiC-F4 looks like it is equipped to outperform one of the most popular inexpensive tower coolers — the Hyper 212 Evo. Lets dig in and see what Thermaltake has to offer with the NiC-F4.

Thermaltake NiC-F4 Closer Look:

The packaging of the Thermaltake NiC-F4 shows the cooler on the front panel in bright contrast against the black background. Surrounding the front panel are some of the product highlights including the 180W thermal capacity, the 4 6mm heat pipes, the two fans, and that it is Intel socket 2011 compatible. The back side goes into more detail on the specific feature set that makes this cooler just what it is, including the direct-contact heat pipe design, the fact that it uses dual fans to manage the thermals, the thin profile of the NiC F4, and more. The right side of the packaging lists the product specifications. Themaltake does provide a wealth of information on the outside of the procuct












Internally, the NiC-F4 is well packed with the fans not mounted to the slim tower. Once everything is out of the box you can get a feel for what's included in the box. You get the tower heat assembly, the pair of fans, and mounting hardware for the heatsink and fans.



The accessory bundle includes hardware to mount the NiC-F4 into all of the current sockets from AMD and Intel including socket 2011, the fan mounting brackets, thermal paste, and instruction and warranty documentation so you can follow the directions to put the mounting system together.



Moving to a slimmer design to eliminate one of the chief obstacles in cooling Intel socket 115X series systems is going to provide a lot of opportunity for the end user looking to populate all of the available DIMM slots on the board without compromising cooling or using low-profile modules.

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