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Thermaltake Massive Notebook Coolers (V20, SP, TM) Review


Thermaltake Massive Notebook Coolers (V20, SP, TM) Conclusion:

I have heard for years that laptop coolers are ineffective. Other reviewers, other reviews, ratings, and even some personal experience has led me to be weary of laptop coolers that make outrageous claims. Add to that the price of common laptop coolers (Belkin ~$30 at Wal-mart) and you can have a very heated market. Laptops would likely benefit from adjustable internal fans. If the internal fan would not scale as it ran, the external laptop coolers would be far more effective. If the internal fan is pulling a certain amount of air, say 10CFM, putting closer to 40CFM underneath it would have very limited results. On laptops that have the heat intake on the rear of the computer, most laptop coolers are absolutely useless (or very nearly). However, Thermaltake has given me more hope for the industry.

Thermaltake is a great brand for a reason and that is because it makes high quality, effective products. The laptop cooling industry has always been under great scrutiny from consumer and critics alike. I, personally, believe that there is hope beyond completely custom, homemade coolers. Thermaltake has a very wide array of laptop coolers and they all fit into the hands of one user or another.

If you are on a tight budget, but you still need cooling, the V20 is your best bet. If you love your music (or in-game music) and can deal with something that is at least 300% better than your laptop speakers, while also keeping your laptop cooler than the V20, the SP will suit you. If you are a heavy gamer on your laptop and it is screaming all day long, the TM will reign it in. I never imagined that one of these coolers would ever perform so well. All three of these coolers stand the test of time under Thermaltake's banner and I would gladly recommend them to any and all.




  • Very inexpensive
  • Quieter than most laptops
  • Looks great
  • No USB loss
  • Decent price point


  • Keeps things fairly cool
  • Has rockin' speakers
  • Great look and fun fan speed controller
  • For features best price point of the three


  • Stops heat in its tracks
  • Three height configurations
  • Great looking aluminum mesh
  • No USB loss
  • Digital display
  • Better price point than the V20 for its performance




  • LED light not really visible in light


  • LED light worse than the V20


  • IR sensors are generally not very good; these are no exception
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  4. Thermaltake Massive Notebook Coolers (V20, SP, TM): Testing
  5. Thermaltake Massive Notebook Coolers (V20, SP, TM): Conclusion
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