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ThermalTake Level 10 GT Review



This time around, since I'm testing out the Level 10 GT, I figured I would change things up a bit with the setup. Instead of the usual Core2Duo test bed I have switched things up for an i7 920. For each test I've set the Level 10 GT up against my customized Lian-Li PC-60FWB. The customized Lian-Li features one 140mm intake fan in the front and three 120mm fans for output which are mounted on the rear and two on the top panel. As for testing I will be subjecting the system to some typical loads which are placed on it in daily use. In addition to applying loads, I will also subject the system to some idle time and after which record the idle temperature of the CPU, GPU, Chipset, and HDD. I will also stress the CPU, Chipset, GPU, and HDD individually for an hour each after which I record the temperature of the specific component. To generate load on the CPU and Chipset, I used Prime 95 in Blend. For the GPU, I simply started up the [email protected] GPU client. Lastly for the HDD, I stress it using HDTune. To record temperatures I utilized both HWmonitor and RealTemp.


Testing System:


Comparison Cases:

  • Lian-Li PC60-FWB customized with two 120mm top panel fans added in









A very close race here indeed. The Level 10 just managed to put itself in the lead, beating the Lian-Li in five of the tests.

  1. Intruduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (The Working Components)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing: Setup and Results
  6. Conclusion
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