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Thermaltake Level 10 GTS Snow Edition Review

Price: $114.99


I did not know that this case was headed my way so of course it caught me by surprise when I opened my door. The first thing to catch my eye was 'Level 10' and that it was snow white. I got excited for a second, thinking I had a new tricked-out version of one of the most original and iconic cases in recent memory that is the result of a group effort by Thermaltake and BMW Design Group. When I quickly realized that it wasn't even the GT version of this case, but rather the Level 10 GTS version, I watched the box shrink in size considerably. While the Thermaltake Level 10 GT version is a Level 10 designed to get a good part of the design concept in the hands of the masses, the GTS Version is based on a box cabinet and seemingly aimed at a different market entirely.  Loosely based on the original Level 10 that is massive in both stature and weight, the GTS is a highly stylized and compartmentalized affair. The original Level 10 has a lot of architectural depth as it wraps its sections around the various components seemingly cantilevered to a common vertical side. Truly an enclosure that, in silhouette, looks more at home in a Frank Lloyd Wright coffee table book than on a shelf in Micro-Center. I was curious how much of the Level 10 flavor made it into, or could be worked into this stripped down, box-based GTS version.

Closer Look:

The Level 10 GTS arrives in a very high-gloss box with nice, full case shots on both front and back sides and little else in the way of information. An internal USB 3.0 badge and a statement telling us it is the 'Snow Edition' are all the specifications that can be gleaned. The sides of the box do not tell us much more. One side has a few scant features listed in thirteen languages, and the opposite has a smaller version of the image on the front. The top gives nothing in the way of new information either.













Slicing through the clear tape atop, the heavy gauge box springs open revealing that it is capped with thick Styrofoam. Once slid out of the box, you see a thin cloth black bag protecting the entire unit. The bag is stout enough that you may get quite a few uses out of it as transport to and from LAN parties to protect the very nice blindingly white, textured finished. The Level 10 GTS is one of those cases that is a sequel to a classic case, and I kept needing to remind myself to keep an open mind until I have run it through the ringer. Let's have a look at how 'Level tenny' the GTS version is.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look:
  2. Closer look The Case
  3. Closer Look: Working Components
  4. Closer Look: (Working Components) Continued
  5. Specifications and Features:
  6. Testing and Setup
  7. Conclusion:
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