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Thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler Review



As I stated previously while wrapping up the results, the Thermaltake Jing doesn't perform far off from the overall average of the comparison coolers. I expected, for its heavy weight of 960g, that it would have a slight advantage to compensate for its fan design. However, it still seemed to fall short of what I was planning on seeing. To be more specific on the fan design, I found that indeed, the open framed fan does help reduce noise. However, removing the shroud on a fan removes a large amount of its ability to project air in the direction that it is intended. What happens is that without this shroud, the air gets "flung out" from the blades similar to what you would observe while dropping water onto a spinning fan. This effect can certainly be felt by placing your hand next to the fan, as you'll feel two streams of air flying out of the shroud-less fans. I fully expect the engineers at Thermaltake to have compensated for this by the design of the blades, but the overall idea in mind with this cooler is silence which they certainly achieved.

The look of the Thermaltake Jing is unique, and it certainly stands out inside of the case without the need for flashing lights, buzzers, or disco balls. I'm still not totally partial to the gray color of the plastic, as it looks dated and reminds me of the horrifying beige era of computing. However, that's only my subjective opinion talking! The variable speed fans are a nice touch, though I wish Thermaltake could have consolidated the two three-pin connectors into one header. After thinking about it, I believe Thermaltake chose to do this to simply even out the power draw over two headers and not risk the potential of burning out one of these headers, so no true drawback there in my opinion! Overall, Thermaltake took the route of quiet, green, yet sufficiently powerful to make a point. In my opinion, Thermaltake succeeded!



  • Silent at low speed
  • Attractive look
  • Variable speed control knob for fans



  • Heavy
  • Fan design compromises performance
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