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Thermaltake ISGC-300 CPU Cooler Review


Closer Look:

Like I mentioned, the cooler uses the new ISGC fan, which claims to have a 15% increase in airflow while reducing total noise by 3%. The unique design of the blades reduces turbulence and air friction, which cuts down on noise emitted. The fan also uses Hydro Dynamic Bearings which help reduce noise, and extends the life of the fan to 50,000 hours. The cooler itself is made up of 33 aluminum fins in a sawtooth design to keep the airflow smooth, and four copper heatpipes attached to a copper base designed to create the best way to transfer heat from the CPU.














The fan is Thermaltake's ISGC 12 fan, which has a model number of TTB122512LS. It is rated to push a maximum 58.3 CFM of air, all at a noise level of 16 dBA. The fan measures 120x25mm, and is rated at 12v for operation. Attached to the power lead is a fan speed adjuster which allows you to increase or decrease the fan speed to keep it quieter, or increase air flow. If you look at the blades of the fan, they tend to look like flower petals, which is where Thermaltake got their design idea for the fan.



One issue I did have with the cooler, while mounting it on an AM3 Socket, is a conflict with tall memory. The way the cooler mounts the fan can only be set in an up or down position. Because of this, the edge of the cooler interferes with tall RAM, such as Corsair XMS3 DHX when mounted in the first two slots. Since most AMD motherboards recommend RAM be populated in these slots, this presents an issue to those with memory and large heatsinks such as the Corsair Dominator, OCZ Reaper, and other sets using extended heatspreaders. When a set with lower heatspreaders was placed on the board, there were no more issues. Finally, we have a shot of the cooler installed on the board.



Now that it is installed, we can plug everything in and get to the testing.

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