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Thermaltake DuOrb CPU Cooler Review

Price: $64.99 - $75.99


There are so many CPU coolers on the market today that you will start pulling your hair out when searching for the right one. One thing people do not take into consideration when looking at a CPU cooler is the amount of air pushed down over the motherboard and chipsets themselves. Chipsets that use passive cooling rely on airflow from other components to keep the temperatures down, and one of these components are CPU coolers. A CPU cooler will draw cool air in through its fan and push it over the fins of the heatsink. The air is then expelled into the case over other components to aid in keeping them cool. A good CPU cooler not only keeps the CPU temperatures down, but also aids in overall system cooling.

Thermaltake has taken this idea one step further with the Thermaltake DuOrb CPU Cooler. The DuOrb consists of a massive heatsink that separates into two directions to provide cooling to the CPU and surrounding areas. For overclockers, this is an innovation come true. No more having to place those ugly fans zip tied all over the place to keep critical components cool. Expanding from the traditional design, Thermaltake maximizes the heat dissipation over a larger surface area to transfer heat from the critical areas while providing a more efficient air flow.


Closer Look:

The Thermaltake DuOrb comes packaged in a flashy box giving you a full view of the top of the cooler with the fans and the underside of the heatsink where it attaches to the CPU. Around the back and the sides there are the specifications for the cooler and some pictures showing how the cooler looks and the LEDs on the fans in operation.












Sliding the cooler out of the box, you can see how well it is packaged to prevent damage. The cooler is sandwiched between two plastic shells which protect the fins and critical parts during transportation. Also in the shell is a white box that houses the instructions and parts to properly install the cooler to the motherboard.


Inside the white box, as I mentioned before, are the instructions and the hardware for the DuOrb CPU cooler. This cooler comes with the hardware to fit LGA775 and AM2/AM2+ processors. There is a backplate included for AMD boards that have backplates which are not threaded so that the DuOrb can be installed correctly. Also included is the instruction sheet and an important notice. Because of the design of the DuOrb cooler, AMD boards that have the vertical setup (RAM above the CPU), the cooler will block the first PCI Express slot when installed. You must install any graphics card in a secondary PCI Express slot for it to fit.



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