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Thermaltake Core X9 Review


Thermaltake Core X9 Conclusion:

The Thermaltake Core X9 is a builder's dream. There is just a ton of space. You can put a license plate on the X9 and take the family camping. Stack two cases together and you have a condo on the beach. Ok, I exaggerate, but the large internal volume and modular design allow for almost unlimited options for fan and radiator mounting. HDD space? Not a problem. There are dedicated hard drive cages as well as a few places under the motherboard tray to sneak in a few more HDDs. Do you have a custom water cooling system that leaves you grumbling and compromising with other cases? Not a problem with the Core X9. It can handle everything from extra tall CPU coolers to long GPUs.

Thermaltake's design group has hit the ball out of the park. I have reviewed many great cases, but with each one there are limitations. I catch myself saying, "If only I had another inch of clearance." or "If this darn bracket wasn't in the way, I could...".  With the Core X9, all of that just goes away. I really can't think of anything that Thermaltake didn't plan for. Finally, there is an affordable case that lets you build your system around your case needs rather than case limitations.

I have the large size listed as a pro and a con and really, it would only be a con if you just don't have the floor space for it. In this situation, you may just have to consider adding on or perhaps moving altogether! The fit and finish are absolutely top-notch. No sharp edges, no misalignment in the chassis frame. Everything feels solid. If Chuck Norris had a computer case, this would be it. The Core X9 is equally suited to be a high-end gaming case, server case, or work station case. Stack 'em up and you can have all three.

Thermaltake has, again, raised the bar. You get the Core X9 in all its glory for just $169.99. If you are building a system worthy of the Core X9, then the price is just a drop in the bucket. You won't find another case like it anywhere near this price. If you have the room and like having a case that can handle virtually any build today and in the future, then the Core X9 is your case.


  • Large size
  • Modular design
  • Side panels can be swapped
  • Support for a multitude of fans and radiators
  • Great cable management / space
  • Tool-free drive bays
  • Support for two PSUs
  • Support for long GPUs
  • Support for tall CPU coolers
  • Support for complex custom water cooling
  • Front I/O panel can be swapped to opposite side of case
  • Easy filter cleaning
  • Reasonable price



  • Large size


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