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Thermaltake Core V71 Review


Thermaltake Core V71: Conclusion

Let us recap my reasoning and scoring method before diving into my final words. First I look at what the company is saying it offers. For example, say the company states the case supports large / long graphics cards or ten quiet fans. In this example, I examine what is advertised versus what is actually offered. Most of this becomes uncovered as I take pictures to document the product. If the company does not stay true to its word, then it loses points because no one ever wants to be sold on false advertisement. Next I look at what the product is marketed for and put it into perspective. An example of this could be trying to overclock a CPU in a Mini-ITX case and expecting a low temperature. This would contradict its target market and something I try to catch so it does not affect the score. The last bit is my own interjection. What could the case offer in its price range, and what do other companies offer. This category may include an extra fan, cable management, different color paint, or support for larger video cards. This list is endless so let's move on to the conclusion.

Thermaltake has put a great amount of effort into making something that can stand out from the average chassis. The Core V71 is a prime example that you never know what's around the corner when you thought there was nothing new to bring to the market. Now i'm getting ahead of myself of the praises and if you looked down the page already you'll see I didn't list anything negative about the chassis. This is because I honestly couldn't find anything. It's like Thermaltake looked at everything on the market last year and decided to combine everything good and make sure no rock was left unturned. I often feel companies do not make a prototype before mass production or they would see the flaws that can be resolved before production. Instead the companies rely on sales and wait for the year to make revisions. Even the price is reasonable for what is included for the V71. I mean, yes it's expensive, but Thermaltake didn't skimp and made it worth its value, even if you are only going to air cool it.

Enough with the praising and on to the Pros. Instead of just saying how great this chassis is i'll explain why. First let me cover everything the average user wants and needs, starting with a good manual. Is it exceptionally better than others? Not particularly, but it does detail everything that this chassis has to offer (in 12 languages!) and the variety of setups it has the potential for.

To continue, the chassis has great support for either large aftermarket CPU coolers or video cards, which is always welcome, and a huge amount of airflow for nearly any setup. Next, the inclusion of an 8-pin extension cable was a great idea from Thermaltake, because once again not everyone has the same setup and I have personally ran into similar problems where the power supply cables are just too short. It's just extremely frustrating to run cables over the motherboard or order an extension cable because they nearly make it, but just not long enough.

Lastly, the water cooling support is top notch! I What can I say, wow Thermaltake, great job! The options are endless and it's great to see whatever direction you go, you couldn't ask for much better within a reasonable price range.

To conclude, this chassis is everything I have been looking for without knowing it and in short is Thermaltake's answer to Cooler Master's Stacker series. While both the Stacker 935 and the Core V71 are priced the same, they are different beasts. I think it's easy to see where Cooler Master was heading, but fumbled, and Thermaltake picked up the ball and ran with it. I'm eager to see what Cooler Master's revision is like or if Thermaltake can top itself next year.



  • Advanced water cooling support
  • Well built metal frame
  • Good tool-less design
  • Support for large aftermarket CPU coolers (185mm)
  • Support for high-end graphics cards (400mm)
  • Long internal cables / 8-pin extension cable
  • Easy cable management (20mm behind tray)
  • Good manual
  • Modular design
  • 360° dust filter coverage



  • None


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