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Thermaltake Commander G41 Review


Thermaltake Commander G41 Closer Look:

Removing the side panels just requires two thumb screws to be removed before the panel comes off. Once removed, the interior seen through the large window before is now fully exposed once opened. Inside, the chassis is very compact (length wise) with just enough space for the components to fit. Installation of up to 270mm video cards is possible, which covers nearly all video cards currently on the market. You still may want to check if the card is over 270mm (10.6") as not all cards have the power connectors on the side of the cards. More space can be provided if the top hard drive cage is removed. Clearance for the CPU cooler limitation isn't as severe as the video card clocking in at 185mm height limit, which allows practically any aftermarket CPU cooler on the market.



The Thermaltake tool-less design is effective and easy to figure out. The 5.25" bays have a simple lock-in mechanism, which has a latch that is pressed initially while installing the drive. Once the optical drive is in place, the drive will lock into place. The hard drive 3.5" bays have cross support for either a standard drive or a 2.5", which is becoming necessary with SSD drive sales going up as prices go down per gigabyte. The tray themselves are plastic with a basic tool-less installation design that holds standard 3.5" drives in place by plastic pins. However, similar to most  chassis, the 2.5" drive must be screwed into place as it's too small for the tool-less feature to be implemented.



The Inclusion of a removable hard drive cage is not that uncommon within the price range, but a warm welcome in any chassis. Unlike many hard drive cages, these do not require any screws to remove. Removal of the cage requires holding both top and bottom of the cage and squeezing while pulling to release it from its hold.


It's not all good in the Thermaltake camp. As I mention on the first page, it's not always good to leave out older ports. This is because the USB 3.0 connector seems to give many chassis an issue or two. This time around it's another bulky cable problem that makes it a problem for most motherboards. It basically comes down to any motherboard that uses a 90-degree angled connector will not be able to connect the cable without removing the top hard drive cage. There is just not enough space for a cable that doesn't bend very well. Having a few USB 2.0 ports would have been helpful for anyone unfortunate enough to have the same problem as those other ports could still be used.


With everything installed you can see in the images below how compact parts of the interior of the chassis are. Luckily Thermaltake has everything under control with a fair amount of space overall for the CPU cooler. The Video card however isn't as fortunate as the Nvidia GTX 770 just barely fits in the allocated space. Anything over 11" is going to have to remove the top hard drive cage. Thermaltake design team had to make a choice within the limited interior. The choice to give the CPU cooler more room has its benefits, but ultimately the lack of the ability to mount a second front fan and the proportional USB 3.0 cable issue hurts it overall.


  1. Thermaltake Commander G41: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Thermaltake Commander G41 Closer Look: The Case
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  4. Thermaltake Commander G41: Specifications & Features
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  6. Thermaltake Commander G41: Conclusion
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