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Thermaltake BigTyp 14Pro Review



With the new year now upon us, you may be thinking about upgrading a few of your components to bigger and better things. Well we all know that if you are looking for the best possible performance from any piece of hardware, you are going to want to overclock it. We also know that the easiest piece of hardware to overclock and brag about is the processor, however the one downfall of overclocking your processor is the fact that the increased voltages coupled with the increased frequencies create more heat. This is exactly where Thermaltake comes into play with their new BigTyp 14Pro CPU Cooler. This massive piece of hardware is fastened on top of your processor and will help cool it; what more could you want? I am curious to see how well Thermaltake's newest BigTyp cooler is going to be able to cool the Q9450 in comparison to the other coolers that are currently on the market.


Closer Look:

The retail packaging for the Thermaltake BigTyp 14Pro has its own unique design to it; the front of the package is where you are going to find out the main information about the cooler, however you are also going to be able to see the fan that is installed atop the cooler through a cutout in the cardboard. The top left hand corner of the package is where you are going to find the Thermaltake Logo proudly displayed. At the bottom left hand corner, you are going to find a nice picture of the cooler displayed with the logo to the right of the image. Under the logo you are going to see the main features that Thermaltake wanted everyone to know about its cooler. When you take a look at the back of the package, you are going to see that the cutout theme has wrapped around to this side as well. The back is where you are going to find the "application view" along with the "Operation Diagram", which will help you decide if this cooler is going to be too large for your specific setup. The next side of the package is where you are going to find multiple images of the cooler itself to help describe it and show off its main features, which are described above. The final side of the retail packaging is where  you are going to find all the specifications about the cooler you will need to know, such as its weight, the overall dimensions, and the air pressure the fan can create.














Thermaltake took all the necessary precautions to keep the BigTyp 14Pro safe during the shipping process as they used a piece of molded plastic to keep the heatsink in place and prevent anything from hitting it and causing structural damage. Not only is the BigTyp 14Pro encased in the molded plastic protector, but the accessories box is also placed inside.



Inside of the accessories box, you are going to find two different plastic bags; one is full of the mounting hardware for the LGA775 socket, while the other has the mounting hardware for the AMD sockets. Thermaltake has also included a plastic wrapper full of thermal paste in case you do not have any on hand. Also included inside the accessories box are the installation instructions and warranty card.



Now that we have an idea of what the Thermaltake BigTyp 14Pro looks like and how it is packaged, let's take a nice close look at the design of it.

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  3. Specifications & Features
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  5. Conclusion
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