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Thermaltake Armor A60 Review



I can certainly say that the Thermaltake Armor A60 matched my expectations after completing this review. Though a small mid tower case, there is a lot of space on the inside. The case looks great, cools appropriately, and has a lot of neat features. The Armor A60, just like the Armor A90, is equipped with a mouse and keyboard cable lock, as well as the option to lock the side panel in place. This ensures security in public places where the components could be at risk for tampering or theft, catering well to the LAN party goers that want to protect their hardware without having to modify their case. The hot swappable bay in the side panel is a neat feature, but I can't say that it is for everyone, just like the USB3.0 connector that can get in the way of those who do not have a motherboard that offers USB3.0 support. This cable can be plugged into a regular rear USB connector, but can look kind of tacky, which is why I opted to tuck the cable away behind the hard drive trays. Having to do this only left for one usable front USB port, though I won't complain about this too much because I personally only use the front USB ports for flash drives. This being the case, I would rarely require use for more than one front USB port. I won't list this as a con because some earlier motherboards that support USB3.0 may not have an interior connector for auxiliary USB3.0 ports. As I check in every case that has a CPU access hole, the A60's access hole is not wide enough to provide complete access to all four holes on all motherboards. In fact, I have yet to find a case where the CPU access hole is cut to fit on the MSI motherboard in this setup. This, despite the fact that the CPU access hole on the A60 is tall enough to clear the top of the motherboard and allow the USB3.0 cable to be fed through from the front.

Overall, I must say that the Thermaltake Armor A60 is a nice case, and has a lot to offer while remaining relatively small and unobtrusive. The fans are quiet and there is plenty of room to add more fans if the user wishes, the paint job is durable, and the performance is on par with the size and cost of the case.



  • Great looking
  • Included fans are quiet and there is plenty of room for more fans
  • Small on the outside, big on the inside
  • Hot swappable drive bay



  • CPU access hole may not work with all motherboards
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