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Thermaltake Armor Revo Snow Edition Review



The most interesting aspect of the Revo is that it is an extremely successful sum of its parts. The inside of the Armor Revo is not revolutionary, but the selection of different parts, how they are constructed, and assembled in one case, makes this a very interesting and enjoyable enclosure to work with. There was obviously much thought put into the ergonomics of this case. It shows up in the smooth feel of things that are meant to lock and unlock, plug in and unplug. With three 200 mm fans doing the cooling, the case is also near silent. The loudest fan included in the case tops out at 16 dBA – I think anyone who has ever listened to more than two AC/DC songs probably has ringing in their ears that exceeds that. The Armor Revo is outfitted with just a bit of bling that does not push it over the top into a tacky level, but will most likely draw an inquiry or two. As far as amenities, we can start off with the elevated foot-stands, which can not only keep good clearance off a carpeted floor, but can be rotated 360 degrees to any position you like, such for conserving space. The plug-and-play side fan is terrific and eliminates another wire connection that is usually a pain when entering your machine. The take on the tool-less 5.25" bays are another successful version for Thermaltake and rock solid. The addition of the 'Armored wings' is undeniably more form than function, but that is not to say that they are only for aesthetics. These very heavy extruded aluminum wings are beautifully finished in brushed fashion and not only look great against the Snow white finish, but actually do protect the front of the enclosure from kicks received from sitting on the floor. I also discovered that the channels inside make a roomy and stealthy place to set LED strips for some great looking LED back-lighting I mentioned earlier. What we have here, then, is an enclosure that takes a bunch of smaller well-executed ideas and has melded them into one smooth great-looking enclosure. I have made a game of guessing the type of case that those who walk in to my shop will select and have gotten rather good at it. I see this case being had by folks who are a bit adventurous and unassuming. If you like a home for your hand-picked hardware that has interesting lines to match its performance, you may want to give the Armor Revo the once over twice...one of these knights.



  • Excellent paint finish
  • Aluminum wings look great
  • Includes three 200 mm fans
  • Top-mounted Dock-X
  • Interesting side window
  • Filtered
  • Adjustable raised foot-stands
  • HDD trays well done



  • Limited space behind motherboard
  • Top mount Dock-X not as convenient when placed on a desktop
  • Asymmetrical patterns may not suit everyone
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