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Thermaltake Armor Revo Snow Edition Review


Closer Look:

Working with the Armor Revo was an enjoyable experience – everything went into place quickly and smoothly. The interior has a quality paint job and all edges that my big paws came in contact with were nicely rounded over or bull-nosed. As usual, I always look for grommets by the cable management holes that do not leave their post when you pull a cable through and I had no issue here whatsoever. The extra room behind the drive bays and HDD trays is always great to work with. The motherboard tray has several punched out loops that make tidying up with zip ties very easy and convenient. I did have a bit of an issue with the LED fan control on this case. I was sent a replacement resistor block to replace it and you can see the extent to which the case lights up immediately below. I have worked with many Thermaltake cases and believe this was an extremely isolated event, but as always you can be the judge on this. The case also features an LED lighting effect that Thermaltake calls the 'Breathe' effect. The Revo's Armor moniker at the top front of the case is lit up from behind with a blue LED and cycles in and out softly in about 15 second intervals. A better look at this feature can be had a bit farther down the page.














A few more installed looks at the Revo with an SSD occupying the top Docking station. Note the raised footings are in a couple of the many available positions. The irregular shaped side panel window offers an interesting look into the side of the case from the rear exhaust fan, and just reveals the corner of the top blue accented HDD tray.







The irregularly-shaped side window straddles the 200 mm fan and does a good job showing off your hardware. The window is finished very well, as it is beveled into the panel cut-out. On the same side as the window in the upper right is the headgear hanger. Also present on the Level 10, Thermaltake dubs this the 'Combat Headset Holder' for you LAN party-goers. The top Armor Revo logo on the front incorporates the Thermaltake lighting 'Breathe' effect and cycles a soft blue glow through the back side of the bezel every 15 seconds in the form of a soft fade in and fade out.




Here is a video look at the Armor Revo 'Breathe' lighting effect:



Closer Look: Detail and Texture:

While I am sure you are all reeling from the excitement of 60 seconds of "Breathe" – an edgy new film from Greg Wald productions – I would like to welcome you to my detail and texture section. I like to add this section to my case reviews in recognition that most cases are purchased online from photos depicted in the best light and from flattering angles. Not everyone has a Micro Center down the road to go "kick the tires" before laying down hard-earned money. Details can make or break a case, and here I hope to give you a better feel for the details of the case and a better idea of what to expect from the case emerging from that box. I hope you enjoy it.


Clockwise: Window detail, 5.25" bay cover, Top wing detail, Top honeycomb







Clockwise: Front panel detail, Left panel, Logo front, 5.25" bay covers.







Clockwise: Aluminum wing finish, Front panel closeup, front wing stops, Tool-less mechanism.







The Armor Revo has quite a bit of architecture and texture detail to it. In working with it, I noticed that it is one of those enclosures that looks good from just about any angle you view it. On the next page, you can view the specs and feature set. Then, I will heat this thing up and see if those giant fans do their job properly.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: The Case
  3. Closer Look: Working Components
  4. Closer Look: Working Components (Continued)
  5. Specifications & Features
  6. Testing & Setup
  7. Conclusion
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