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Thermaltake Armor A90 Review

Price: $89.99


Thermaltake is a brand that has been around in the computer industry for what seems like a century to computer enthusiasts, even if that may only be about ten years. With a plethora of computer cases, power supplies, fans, heatsinks, liquid cooling setups, and hard drive enclosures, Thermaltake is definitely one of the most prolific manufacturers in the computer accessory world. Founded in '99, Thermaltake's ongoing goal is to "formulate the perfect mixture of versatility, efficiency and thermal management", in both the server and home consumer category.

Being the first Thermaltake case I've been able to work with first hand, I don't know what to fully expect with the Armor A90. I remember when I was a lot younger, I saw a few folks with the Xaser IIs and IIIs at LAN parties and I couldn't get over how huge and cool looking those cases were. The Armor A90 is one of Thermaltake's newest additions to their line of cases, and now it's in my hands to throw it on the test bench and provide a full evaluation!


Closer Look:

The package of the Armor A90 is a glossy black cardboard box with high quality graphics on the exterior. The front of the box has a picture of the case along with the text, "Armor A90, Created for Combat." The right side of the box has the phrase: "This is a computer Chassis, please refer to our official website for product information". On the left side of the box is only a simple picture of the case with the manufacturer part number. Finally, the rear of the case has a graphical overview of the case with specifications and additional features, such as some pictures of the airflow directions and closeups of individual components with short explanations about them.














The Armor A90 is packaged just like any other case. Upon opening the box, you'll find the case wrapped in a plastic bag wedged between two blocks of Styrofoam. On top is the instruction manual - safe in a plastic bag. The manual is clear and offers explanations to most, if not all, of the case's features. I had to refer to it a couple of times if I didn't understand something, which I'll talk about over the next two pages.



With the case out of the box, the next couple of pages will involve a full overview of the case with my thoughts, as well as explain how different mechanisms work and how they perform.

  1. Introduction and Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (Working Components)
  4. Specifications and Features
  5. Testing and Setup
  6. Conclusion
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