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Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme Rev.C Review

Price: $63.99


Whether you are a hardcore enthusiast, gamer, or just one of the many interested in cooling your processor down, finding a better cooling solution is something that takes some thought. As a result, it is one of the most asked questions in 99% of the computer-related, online communities. Cooling solutions run the gamut from a simple small heat sink that offers slightly better noise and thermal performance complete, with stock type retention methods, all the way up to complex custom designed liquid cooled systems. Even further up the ladder you get into the pure enthusiast sub zero contingent. Along with the capabilities of the cooling solution, you have the price commitment that has to be made for the improved cooling. Somewhere in this progression you can find a cooling solution that meets your performance and cost needs. Whether it be air cooling, liquid cooling or sub zero cooling, it's all there for you.

Most people do not relish the thought of mixing liquid with their high dollar electronic components or have the wherewithal to install and maintain a sub zero cooling solution. That leaves air cooling for the majority. The fact is, there is nothing wrong with air cooling. Thermalright has been one of the high end air cooling suppliers to the enthusiast community for quite some time now. I had my first introduction to Thermalright with the SLK-800 and SP-94. This time around I get to take a look at Thermalright's Ultra 120 eXTreme Revision C heatsink. This version is supposed to be a slight improvement over the Revision A TRUE that has been quite popular over the years. Lets take a look at this revision to see if it can surpass the performance of the Revision A as well as some of the high end coolers on the market.

Closer Look:

If you have ever purchased a Thermalright product, you will recognize the packaging. Other manufacturers paint the box with images, specifications, testimonials and product technical drawings. Not so with Thermalright. The packaging is pretty bare bones with just the product name and company name visible on the box. The rear panel is much more if the same, understated appearance. Included with this package for testing purposes, are one of Thermalright's TR-FDB-1600 fans and an Ultra series fan holder that takes the place of the traditional wire clips the TRUE comes with.








Opening up each package, you have the Ultra 120 Rev. C encased in foam, with the accessory box to the right. The box contains the mounting hardware for both Intel and AMD socket compatibility. On top of the heat sink are several documents that illustrate the installation of the Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme Revision C on both Intel and AMD hardware. The foam insert is rigid but still pliable enough to absorb the shock of traveling the world so it makes it to your door with no damage.



Once you pull everything out of the package, you are able to see what really comes with the Revision C of the TRUE. You get the documentation and installation hardware to put the TRUE on any of the latest sockets from Intel or AMD. The mounting hardware for Intel processors is a step away from the past method of securing the TRUE to the motherboard while the AMD is a refresh of the design that is more like the earlier bolt through socket 1366 kit. This I will look at a bit later.



Looking at the packaging so far, we have the standard packaging for a high end Thermalright cooler with a high end quality installation kit to boot. Lets dig into the Revision C TRUE to see where the differences are between it and the Revision A I have been using.


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  5. Conclusion
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