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Thermalright Ultima 90 Review

Price: $49.95 USD


It’s hard to keep cool in Florida; at times the humidity is so high you feel as if there is a one hundred pound weight laying on you. Sure you could stay indoors to beat the heat, but air conditioning can only do so much. Most of Florida’s houses are cooled with heatpumps (a version of forced air heating and cooling). What I have found living here for over seventeen years is that when the air shuts off, the ambient temperatures in the room heat up quickly. This causes havoc on computers; I have seen an increase of three degrees Celsius almost immediately upon the air cutting off. So trying to find a CPU cooler that offers the best defense against these rapid changing conditions can be a challenge.

The Thermalright Ultima 90 CPU Cooler offers the availability of using both a 90mm and 120mm fan on a 90mm chassis. The Ultima 90 is one of a long line of CPU coolers developed by Thermalright. The Ultima 90 was developed to produce rapid heat transfer away from today’s Intel and AMD CPUs and is part of their Premier line of extreme cooling solutions. With its six heatpipes, will the Thermalright Ultima 90 be able to conquer the rapid changing ambient temperatures of Florida?


Closer Look:

The Thermalright Ultima 90 comes packaged in a cardboard box with the Thermalright logo stamped on the top. Having purchased Thermalright products in the past, this is something I have become accustomed to seeing. When the box is opened, you see that the Ultima 90 is very well protected by the surrounding Styrofoam.



The Ultima 90 has six heatpipes and is built as a 90mm cooling solution that can accommodate either a 90mm fan or a 120mm fan.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Installation
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing (Setup & Intel Benchmarks)
  6. Testing (AMD Phenom Benchmarks)
  7. Conclusion
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