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Thermalright Silver Arrow Review


Closer Look:

The Thermalright Silver Arrow uses four very large 8mm nickel-plated heat pipes and two stacks of closely-pressed aluminum fins. It is wide and tall enough to fit up to three 140mm fans securely. The heatsink does not have anything other than metal on its body, which is another example of Thermalright's focus on performance, rather than on plastic and other designs that only improve its looks - which I respect greatly. The front and rear of the cooler look the same, as well as the right and left sides. The only thing that is not symmetrical is the slight angle on the fins, which slopes upwards. I found this feature on another cooler; it said this was to improve airflow.















The base of the Silver Arrow is protected with a clear sticker that alerts the user to remove it before installing the cooler. The massive 8mm heat pipes can be seen, as well as the cutout pattern of the fins. The fins are press-fit onto the heat pipes, and the way that the fins are manufactured allows plenty of surface area to come into contact with the heat pipes. The top of the heat pipes are capped with a small aesthetic detail, which seems to be the only place that Thermalright put extra resources to improve the looks of this cooler. To me, I would say this is more of an attention to detail rather than adding plastics and paint to make it look "cool," as the crimped ends of a heatpipe can be unattractive.




The base of the Silver Arrow is very smooth and has a nearly mirror finish. One thing that Thermalright has always paid a lot of attention to in all its CPU coolers is the finish of the contact point on the base, which has always been superior to many others.

The fans included are two 140mm fans that are rated at 12v and pull 0.2A, which operate between 700-1300RPM at 19dBA. The included fan clips secure them well and do not seem like they would become unfastened very easily. Both fans are equipped with a sleeved 3-pin connector.



Installing the Silver Arrow requires fastening the backplate to the anchoring mount through the motherboard, which the heatsink is clamped onto. Even though the cooler is specified to weigh over 825 grams without fans, the mounting hardware applies plenty of pressure to the motherboard and does not cause any noticeable warping. With the fans attached, the Silver Arrow towers over the motherboard, and I had to arrange the fans so that they would fit correctly. There is barely enough room on the I/O side of the motherboard to fit the fan on that side, and the tall memory modules do not allow the fan to be installed on that side. Even in a large case, once the motherboard is installed with the Silver Arrow attached, there is not much room to access screw holes and other parts of the motherboard. Plugging in the auxiliary 12v connector on the motherboard was difficult as well, but doable. The following page contains a manufacturer list of specifications and features, followed by the testing.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing: Setup & Results
  5. Conclusion
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