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Thermalright HR-02 Review


Closer Look:

The Thermalright HR-02 is a large volume cooler with fins that are spaced apart slightly more than you would find in other coolers. The fins themselves have holes stamped into them that will help with the passive nature of this cooler. There are six heat pipes that conduct heat from the base and allow it to travel as evenly as possible to the fins. The use of more heat pipes accelerates the conduction of heat and thus improves the performance of the cooler, regardless of the use of fans or not. A unique thing about the HR-02 is that the base is not centered underneath the rest of the heatsink. I am not sure why Thermalright chose to do this to the HR-02, but I'm sure that there is a reason behind this.














Taking a look at the top of the cooler shows the many small holes stamped into the fins, the layout of the heat pipes, as well as a larger hole stamped into the center of the fins that provides access to one of the mounting screws. The small holes should help passive airflow, improving the performance of the cooler without requiring any fans. The bottom of the heatsink gives another look of the heat pipe layout and shows that the small perforated holes in the fins continue entirely through the HR-02. The base has a protective film over it that makes sure the user knows to remove it before installing the heatsink. I have always been pleased with Thermalright's attention to the finishing of their bases, and they certainly didn't cut any corners on the HR-02. It is nearly a mirror finish with no detectable concavity, and is sure to have negligible thermal resistance in the interface from this.




So far, the HR-02 looks like a solid specimen for a passive cooler capable of withstanding a lot of heat from the latest hardware. Installing the HR-02 requires fastening the backplate to the anchoring mount, which the heat sink is clamped onto. Even though the cooler is specified to weigh come in at 860 grams without fans, the mounting hardware applies plenty of pressure to the motherboard and does not cause any noticeable warping.



With the HR-02 installed, it is now time to put the heatsink to the test after the manufacturer listing of specifications and features.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing: Setup & Results
  5. Conclusion
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