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Thecus N4100PRO NAS Server Review



Now that we're ready to check out the updated management UI, all we need to do is enter the IP address we assigned earlier in the browser address bar, which in our case is You can also use the Netbios name, //N4100PRO, to reference the NAS. Once you've logged in you can see the options listed in the left-hand frame. Each option can be expanded to show the various subsections with each group.

System Information – in this section you can view the product information, system status including status of the different applications and view log information.
System Management – you can manage and configure several of the system settings through this option including setting the time, configuring e-mail notifications, scheduling on/off times, updating the firmware and more.
System Network – the different network settings can be configured here including the LAN/WAN settings, the various file sharing protocols including CIFS, AFP and NFS, along with different network functions like FTP, Media Server and more.
Storage – the storage section provides all the administrative tools for configuring RAID volumes, allocating space, designating iSCSI targets, creating shares and ISO mounts. You can also manage any external drives connected to the N4100PRO in this section.
User and Group Authentication – all the user and group administration is performed in this section. You can create users, assign them to groups and set up the NAS to use Windows ADS.
Application Server – this section allows you to set up printers and enable the iTunes service on the NAS.
Module Management – you can download and add modules to the N4100PRO to add additional functionality such a a download manager, MySQL, web server module and more.
Backup – this section allows you to set up the Nsync backup capability on the NAS.

System Information:

Under the System Information section there are three subsections that provide information on different parts of the N4100PRO.


The Info page provide basic product information on the N4100PRO including the firmware version and the length of time since the last reboot/restart.


Under the Status page you can view System and Service status. The System pane shows the CPU load, fan status and up time (again). The fan status does not show the actual fan RPM, just whether it's running or not. On the Service pane you will see the status of the services on the box as to whether they are running or stopped.


The system maintains a log of events which are broken down into Info, Warn and Error categories. You can filter the display based on the categories, sort by time, change the number of lines per page and more. You can also clear the logs or save the log file as a download.




Now we can move on to the next section covering the System Management options.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation
  3. Configuration: Initial Setup
  4. Configuration: Web UI & System Information
  5. Configuration: System Management
  6. Configuration: System Network
  7. Configuration: Storage
  8. Configuration: User and Group Authentication
  9. Configuration: Application Server
  10. Configuration: Module Management
  11. Configuration: Backup
  12. Web User Interface
  13. Specifications & Features
  14. Testing: Setup
  15. Testing: SiSoft Sandra
  16. Testing: Intel NAS Performance Toolkit
  17. Testing: Intel NAS Performance Toolkit (continued)
  18. Testing: Operation
  19. Testing: Features
  20. Conclusion
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