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The Crew Review



I already described some of the story in the Introduction, and that pretty much covers what happens. You are Alex Taylor and your brother, Dayton, founder of the 5-10 Motor Club, was murdered. You were framed for the murder by an FBI official, Coburn, because he wanted the actual murderer, a man named Shiv, to become the new leader of the 5-10s in order to create a criminal empire. After five years in jail, you are approached by another FBI official who wants to take the corrupt Coburn down. As you continue playing you will meet up with and enlist the help of others who want vengeance on either Coburn or Shiv, forming your own crew.

That about covers the story, besides some details about the different people you encounter. Really this story seems to exist for the sole purpose of pulling together a campaign with more depth to it than trying to lead the 5-10s. Not much depth, but hey, it works.

It is not a great story, but it has a purpose and fulfills that purpose quite well. To that end, it can be praised. The less than stellar lines and voice acting can also be forgiven because you never really expect much of it. The only real complaint I can think of would concern the occasional calls you get. When called by a character with a face, a window will appear on the side of the screen showing them. Sometimes the window will just contain a still image while other times it will be an actual video of them talking. Why it differs between calls, even when it is the same character talking, I do not know. I did notice it though, and found it to be odd. Any plot holes to the story I did not notice, because I never really paid enough attention to the story to notice. That is not the point here.

Over all the story is 'good enough' for what it is. Not much more to say than that really.



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