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The Crew Review

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Like the last review I did, this one was pretty easy to see coming, especially after I said I was doing it and streamed some gameplay. The game is The Crew, an open world, MMO racing RPG set in the United States, the country. Okay, a recreation of the country to better fit the gameplay, but we are still talking about a game world that contains multiple cities that you can continuously drive between, passing many landmarks on your way. Definitely an interesting concept, which I will go into more detail on in the Gameplay section.

Like other MMOs, as you explore and play, you will encounter other players doing the same, and have the ability to join them, creating your own crew. Besides the advantages of playing with another human, their vehicles may also be better than yours, thanks to the leveling and loot systems that increase car power levels. Beyond power levels and gear, you also have to consider the car spec, but that has less importance in story missions (will explain that later).

There is a story to the game, having you seek vengeance for your brother's murder and your imprisonment. It also sets you on your course to leading the 5-10 Motor Club, which your murdered brother started, and taking down a corrupt FBI official. Along the way you will encounter language, violence, mild blood, and mild suggestive themes, which is why the game received a T rating from the ESRB. As usual, the media in this review has not been censored, so bear that in mind before reading further.

With those points covered, should we buckle up and hit the gas, or leave this one in park? Time to find out.

  1. The Crew Review - Introduction
  2. The Crew Review - Graphics
  3. The Crew Review - Story
  4. The Crew Review - Gameplay
  5. The Crew Review - Additional Gameplay Media
  6. The Crew Review - Conclusion
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