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Tesoro Tizona Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


Tesoro Tizona Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Conclusion:

The Tesoro Tizona Mechanical Gaming Keyboard was, overall, really great. I really appreciate the size of a keyboard without the number pad. I feel like I can go anywhere with it. I have also gained a very great appreciation for the brown mechanical key switches. I really felt like it was a great idea to include a braided extension cable with the number pad (surprisingly I have an actual use for a 3.2m keyboard cable). I like the thumb keys and I like even more the ability to turn them off. There is, sadly, no software, but I don't think that this will be a problem for most people anyway. The freedom granted by the removable number pad is the true focus of the keyboard. There is not a whole lot more to it. However, I think that it may be enough. I have even started using the number pad on the other side of the keyboard due to the orientation of my desk. It doesn't hurt that the keyboard looks pretty good as well, but I am certainly having a great time using it.

In the end, the Tesoro Tizona is a well made, good looking keyboard that has great physical flexibility. Unfortunately, there are only three extra keys and no software. While the main keyboard is at a competitive ~$70 dollars, the number pad is at a ~$40 premium (for $30 more you can have the main keyboard). This brings the total to ~$110 dollars, which is still surprisingly competitive (keeping in mind the quality and versatility). As one of the lower priced keyboards by Tesoro, it hold up well among its brethren and if the quality stands the test of time, it also compares to many really big name brand mechanical keyboards. As a fairly new company, I think Tesoro will be going far if this keeps up.



  • Solid build
  • Brown mechanical tactile switches
  • Removable number pad that can be attached on either side of the keyboard
  • Slick purple trim
  • Two USB ports
  • No glossy pieces! (except the chrome, but I can forgive chrome)
  • Two easily switchable modes
  • Two USBs and the option to fully power both of them


  • No macros
  • No software
  • No LEDs/no backlight.

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