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Tesoro Tizona Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


Tesoro Tizona Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Testing:

The Tizona was tested in a few different situations to fully characterize its versatility. These situations included daily use, web surfing, work, and gaming. After a full week, I was able to find what I liked and disliked about this particular keyboard. Unfortunately, with things like keyboards, I can only say how I feel personally. This is due, in part, to the sheer amount of customization that can be done on keyboards. You can choose different keyswitches, key caps, configurations(like this one), software, and keyboards. With all of the options out there, it is impossible for everyone to favor the same configurations. Hopefully, with enough detail, I can give you the ability to make an educated guess as to whether or not you like the keyboard in spite of whatever my opinion is. Without further ado, I will describe my experiences with the Tizona and what I do and don't like about it.

Testing Setup



Everyday Use:

My experience with the Tizona in simple everyday use was pretty good. The keys are well spaced for me and I don't have a much trouble adapting (which probably means it is a bit compact for some). While surfing the web, I found that the keys are really light to press. For comparison, the key switches here fall (in my opinion) between red (which are too soft for me) and blue (which are a bit too stiff for me) key switches. But interestingly enough, it took me quite awhile to realize that they are supposed to be tactile keys. This was almost totally due to my lack of finesse when typing (I can be a button masher). When I did discover that it was the brown tactile mechanical switches that were underneath the keys, I started to pay very close attention to the feeling of the key presses. In the end, I was unable to decide if I liked the tactile or not, but it did seem to add a small bit to the force required to press the keys down fully, and a different feel thanks to the slightly premature click. Another lack of finesse on my part was that I continually, accidentally, activated the three thumb keys forcing me to disable them. I was going to complain about the sensitivity of the thumb keys, but the ability to disable them kinda shines as a pretty great convenience/option.

Work Use:

I had a decent time using the Tizona for typing multiple pages of work. It was vaguely weird due to my lack of experience with tactile key switches and the very slight differences in spacing. However, the PC/Game mode options make it very easy to transition from work to games. Because I feel like it still applies, I will mention again how nice the disable function on the thumb keys was because, yes, I am that clumsy. The mobile/removable number pad is a really nice feature here. Being able to pull the number pad closer to me makes me feel more like I am using a calculator and makes doing simple math much faster. An interesting aspect of the keyboard is the extra USB port (depending on which side the number pad connected to the other side may be used as an extra USB port). It is very convenient for quick data transfer, but is not at full power until the DC-IN cable is plugged in. When it is plugged in, it allows for the full 500mA of a standard USB to be utilized and on both sides of keyboard simultaneously.

Gaming Use:

Starting off with the bad news first, there is no software. Any customization it is capable of, is limited to the standard keys and the physically mobility of the number pad. However, many games these days do offer some key adjustments, so this may not even be a problem for some people (I don't really have a problem with it). Those who like having 6 to 24 (infinity) macro-keys will be hindered. Looking at the benefits, the keyboard responds well, feels solid, and makes a satisfying click on the brown tactile key switches. There is an option for disabling the windows key, which is good (even if a bit standard). There is also an option for switching between 6N and Full N Key Rollover, which is nice, but I am a little unsure as to why it is simply not always Full N. The really cool gaming oriented aspects of this keyboard are the three thumb keys and mobile gaming, due to the removable number pad. The keyboard being able to split away from the number pad makes gaming on the go a breeze. In the end, it games like a mechanical keyboard should.

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