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Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Keyboard: The Software

Onwards to the software! Before getting into the software itself, I had a number of issues just getting this to work. I had a number of what seemed like freezes, only to find out I was stuck in a small menu. Other times the software would in fact lock up, leaving me to redo everything I just set. Now all of that eventually went away after a keyboard firmware update and downloading the software from the website rather than use the included CD copy. With that of of the way, Tesoro has made some alright software once you play around with it for a while. Inherently things aren't what they seem, and with little to no directions from the manual and website, you are left to figure it out yourself. If I honestly had spent less time on this review, I would have just considered the software a wash, because I just don't have time to play around with this for hours. But once the software got an update and I decided to play around with it some more, I realized it isn't bad, minus a few quirks.


The first major thing of any software for a keyboard is looking into how well the reassignment and macro functions work. I have to say the macros are decent enough. You can record up to 30 keys and assign it to a single key. Repeat this 100 times and that is basically the limit. The specifications are very misleading because it says five total. I was able to do 11 before giving up and realizing I could go on forever, considering each macro only eats 1% of the memory total. I really couldn't find a issue with the macro functions, so I'm lost at what the specifications are talking about because the other number I came across was three, which is just not true. I can assign macros to any keys as many times as I want. It is as simple as that.



The few settings in the middle aren't often used. First is allowing the user to set any key as a shortcut to launch an .exe file. This is useful if you don't like clicking on the desktop icons much. Next is the SYNC Program, which I honestly have no clue what it does. I blame Tesoro for not providing any information on this subject. Last up is the straight forwards "Disable" function, which, you guess it, disables the selected key. This can be loads of help depending on the game and if you don't want to monkey around with reassigning keys. What easier way than just turning the key off?


Now for the light show, which was shown on the box. This is where Tesoro has made it overly complicated for a simple thing. I say this because mostly every "Lighting Effect" option does not have the color options next to it. Instead you have to assign the effect, then go back to illumination, set the color (which reset it back to a single solid color), and then set the lighting effect again. This is when the color will be the one you want. Seems overly complicated for something simple? That's because it is and I think it's just not programed right, because it's odd to have to change the whole effect just to set the color. These also are not saved, so once you change it to, say, red for a "Trigger" effect, if you want purple for a "Radiation" effect, then both are purple. However, out of all this, once you really get into setting "spectrum colors" and assigning a color for each key, it gets really cool once it's all said and done.


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  3. Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Keyboard: The Software
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  5. Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Keyboard: Testing & Results
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