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Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Keyboard: Closer Look

Once unwrapped and pulled from the packaging, the Lobera Specturm looks to have a fairly large footprint, as it has a bit of extra plastic surrounding the core. This is, of course, a choice by Tesoro for its design aspect. Everyone has their own opinion of what looks good and fits, but I always found unnecessary bulk pointless and it has no real purpose other than to take up space. Besides that one point, from a distance, this keyboard has everything you could ask for and is spaced out enough that hands won't be fighting for room.


Behind the Tesoro logo is an interesting sticker letting the customer know that these ports are not for USB charging. What's strange about this warning is that the Lobera warns not to go over 100mA, while USB 1.0 and 2.0 both have a 500mA limit. To make matters more confusing, next to these two USB ports is a "DC power port" that confused me even more. The manual didn't much either saying "Note, without plug-in DC IN power supply, the USB hub on keyboard is designed for low power USB portable devices..." . My conclusion is that these ports allow for higher mA (number unknown) when a third (included) USB cord is plugged into the motherboard. I was able to plug in a mouse just fine, but I never ventured to plug in my phone in fear of it burning something out. While it may be my duty to try everything to cover a review, I simply did not feel my device was safe based on the poor information provided by Tesoro. This can be a huge drawback to some people who depend on these extra USB ports and the fact the keyboard requires two USB ports to function, and a third if you want to use said charging functions. It may be easier just to use the wall charger for your devices, and it will be quicker at charging, too.




This particular keyboard is using Brown mechanical switches, which gives a tactile response and little noise, unless you slam the keys down. For anyone who doesn't know the different switch colors, let me give you a quick rundown without going too in depth. Actually before I start, these are not the Cherry switches everyone has come to expect in a mechanical keyboard. Instead, Tesoro is using Kailh switches, which are in direct competition to the Cherry switches. Thankfully, switching back and forth between both brands, I couldn't tell the difference. The Kailh switches also comes in a wide range of colors, which represent different type of tactile feedback, actuation force, and noise. The most common switches you will find are Black, Red, Blue, and Brown. For the most part, the colors do represent the style of switches, but nothing is really in any sort of order that it can be directly comparable to the Cherry switches.


Now comes the comfortability part. What I mean by this is the wrist support and how it fits into your style of typing. At this point in the review, Tesoro has given a number of small let downs and this is also one of those. In concept and from the picture, this wrist guard looks the part, but in actuality it sorely misses it. The design is for very small hands or large ones, not in the middle. Either your full hand fits on the keyboard or your wrists rest on the table and skips the guard completely. This also is accentuated by having the whole base raised half an inch, leaving a fairly large gap between the desk and the wrist guard. For me, my hands fall right in the middle, so I had to use my gel wrist guard in front to avoid hand cramps while typing.


This is where the Lobera Spectrum gets interesting and is honestly a feature I haven't seen yet, but is very much needed sometimes. I'm talking about instant macro recording, of course! Yes, you read correctly. The Spectrum allows you to record a macro outside the software while in-game. Now, I would say most of the time, someone who knows the game doesn't need to use this function; they have it set pre-game. But this is where the tables turn, because half the time, I myself, can't remember the macro combination needed for certain scenarios, or maybe ones I would have never thought of needing. MOBAs and RTS games are the types that constantly need tweaking when playing as a different class, and sometimes you simply cannot stop and go into software to set the macros. Having the abilty to create a macro right after you unlock a particular perk is a smart idea and I'm not sure of how many others make it this easy. Simply press the far left button (R), then press the key you want to assign the macro. After performing the macro, press the same assigned key, and you are all set!


Nearing the end, the Lobera Spectrum has all the standards of a gaming keyboard, like a function key to pick between profiles and built-in multimedia keys doubling as the F keys.

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