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Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review


Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum RGB Mechanical Keyboard:

It's time to move into the software of the keyboard. The Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum comes complete with a software package to control the macros, lighting, and other features of the keyboard. It's your one stop shop to control the madness. As I said earlier, there is a ton of information and upstanding that goes along with this keyboard's software. Tesoro has done us a favor and made a nice GUI that houses all the features under one roof. It even features an internal memory monitor. Here is the GUI in its raw form.


Now that we are familiar with the GUI in its raw form, let's have a look at the lighting settings. The lighting setting gives you the options on what color, by primary number, will display. We also have the access to the illumination options. Aside from light intensity, you can have your lights illuminate by touch, always on, always off, or special illumination. These special functions include reactive lighting features. The functions feature Firework, Radiation, Spectrum, and Ripple, just to name a few.

Here is the GUI with the settings pulled up in the lower left. These two features give us full control of color while granting some cool effects to light up and personalize your desk. I cannot give enough credit to Tesoro in this section of this review. The lighting functions are incredibly vast, adjustable, and have multiple profiles. Did I mention that you are also able to set up each key in the different spectrum modes? Between a few standard settings and Spectrum Colors, you are in full control over what happens. The only downer to this is it's time consuming to set up. That is only if you go for a full custom job. However, the time invested is worth the result.


Now let us look into the keyboard profiles. First let's talk about PC mode. PC mode locks out the macro, key binding, and program launch function entirely, and allows you to use the keyboard without a disastrous miss-key. In this mode, you have the ability to use the lighting, illumination, program sync, and default settings, but no one likes being locked out of settings. Hit the FN and Pause keys, and we are in Profile One. The FN and F1 - F5 combos can toggle which profile is active. While in profiles one through five, you can adjust and customize everything to your liking. Fiddling with these settings proved useful. Here you can also see the Program Launch and Sync buttons. The Sync button is there to tell the keyboard to switch profiles upon program launch. The Program Launch button is self-explanatory. It launches programs for you off of a macro while in game mode.


  1. Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum RGB Mechanical Keyboard: Introduction & Closer Look
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  3. Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum RGB Mechanical Keyboard: Specifications & Features
  4. Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum RGB Mechanical Keyboard: Testing & Results
  5. Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum RGB Mechanical Keyboard: Conclusion
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