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X-Arcade Tankstick

Price: $199.95 USD


Remember going to the arcade and spending all the quarters you could find in your house? Asteroids, Centipede, Pong, Defender, Space Invaders and Super Breakout are just a few of the most memorable arcade games that most of us have spent countless hours playing. Wouldn’t it be nice to relive those memories but save all those quarters? Now you can with X-Arcade’s Tankstick. The Tankstick has been dubbed “The Ultimate Arcade Gaming Experience”. Let’s see if this product brings the arcade into the comfort of your own home.

X-Arcade has been around for a few years creating innovative arcade gaming gear. The company is world renowned for having indestructible products that are built to last. X-Arcade’s products have been featured on hit TV shows such as “Alias” and “Entourage”.

Closer Look:

The box that the X-Arcade Tankstick was shipped in proudly displays the logo across it. This box was much heavier and larger than I anticipated. I was glad to see how well the unit was prepared for rough shipping.

The Tankstick is made for two players and the size of the unit is absolutely perfect for two people. Everything feels very sturdy and would be very hard to break - which is certainly a good thing. The bottom of the unit has multiple rubber feet to secure the Tankstick to the surface the user is playing on.

Each player is given eight customizable buttons on the top of the Tankstick. They each have two white buttons on the side of the unit, as well as a player one and player two button on top. There is one trackball that can be used for golf and bowling games among others. To insure accuracy with the trackball, users can hold the horizontal disabler button on the back of the Tankstick.

The back of the Tankstick is where you'll find the programming button, horizontal disabler button, and cables to hook up the unit to your computer.

Included with the Tankstick is an instruction manual, two discs filled with arcade classics, and cables to install the Tankstick properly.

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  2. Installation & Configuration
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Testing Continued
  6. Screenshots
  7. Conclusion
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