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The Swords of Ditto Review

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Today we are looking at The Swords of Ditto, an action, adventure, Rogue-like game with a very cartoonish art style to it that has an interesting twist to defeat and victory. That art style belies its difficulty, by the way, but that is something to discuss later. The twist is your quest and the evil you are tasked with stopping obey a 100 year cycle, so whether you defeat the evil witch Mormo, or your legend comes to an early end, it all begins again a century later. During that century, the island of Ditto apparently goes through a major geologic upheaval, resulting in a new town being raised (with identical buildings to the last), caves and dungeons being shuffled around, and NPCs having their locations moved around the map. It is an interesting mechanic and explanation for the randomly generated world getting reset and it has some interesting implications.

Your role in the game is as the Sword of Ditto; the title of the hero of the island, and not just the weapon of legend you wield. It is the case the weapon goes from one Sword to the next, carrying with it experience from those before, but you are the Sword. In addition to your primary weapon you also have various legendary toys that can be quite helpful as weapons and necessary utilities for solving puzzles. In that regard, it is a somewhat standard game, though I do find it interesting for a game to refer to bombs as 'toys.' Enhancing the different items are the Stickers that can be placed on your helmet, chest, arms, or the sword itself. You gain new places to attach the stickers as you level up, and can freely remove and replace them when desired. These can make a significant difference to your effectiveness as a hero.

I also want to mention the god Serendipity, who is a giant space-whale, and honestly, the game does not start until you meet her, in my opinion. You could play a fair amount, and actually have to before you can commune with her, but the impact she has on the game is tremendously significant. The game starts with you having four days to prepare for your showdown with Mormo, but Serendipity is able to give you another day, can resurrect you if you die, and can pass some items on to the next Sword, should you die and not resurrect.

The Swords of Ditto has an E10 rating for its fantasy violence, which is appropriate. There is really nothing else that makes the game inappropriate for a younger audience, though I at least found it rather challenging at first. It has grown on me though, once I scored some more victories and got some good items. Unfortunately I have only limited media for it. The videos I tried to record were corrupted for some reason and, with even less explanation, Steam ceased taking screenshots after the first day I played. (One theory to cross my mind is it has to do with using a controller on subsequent days.) Also, for anyone curious, a review key for the game was provided.

With that covered, time to get to the review!

  1. The Swords of Ditto Review - Introduction
  2. The Swords of Ditto Review - Graphics
  3. The Swords of Ditto Review - Story
  4. The Swords of Ditto Review - Gameplay
  5. The Swords of Ditto Review - Conclusion
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