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Swiftech MCW6500-T TEC (Peltier) Assisted Water Block



Swiftech MCW6500-T

Performance curves:


Thermoelectric module characteristics:

U max I max DT max Q max L x W x H (mm) R (Ω)

15.2 VDC 24 A > 67°C 226.1 W 50 x 50 x 3.10 0.48
Measured power draw at 12 VDC: 18A


CNC machined aluminum L2.5"xW2.5"xH.4"

  • Electroless nickel, and Zinc Cobalt plated anti-corrosion treatment. 5 year warranty.
  • 1/4" BSPP threads

Base plate:

  • Patent Pending Diamond-Pin Matrix©. Design increases heat dissipation surface with low pressure drop characteristics.
  • Outer face is lapped flat to 3/10 of a millimetre and mirror polished.

Cold Plate:

  • Exceptional quality and attention to details: the cold plate base is lapped to 0.0003" (3/10 of 1/1000"), and mirror polished.


  • Water-block dimensions: including cold plate, excluding fittings: 2.5"x2.5"x1.070". This fits inside of Intel® socket LGA775 no components zone.
  • Overall dimensions including retention frame: L3.1" x W3.1" x H1.070" (L78.7 x W78.7 x H27.1 mm)

Retention mechanism & CPU compatibility

  • Model MCW6500-775T: Intel® socket LGA775
  • Model MCW6500-939T: AMD socket 754/939/940

Power supply requirements

  • Existing Power Supply:
    The unit can be connected directly to high-end computer power supplies. At the time of release, we have validated in our labs the Enermax Galaxy 1K power supply.
  • Auxiliary power supply:
    "Meanwell S320-12" power supply, rated for 25A at 12 Volts. Voltage is adjustable up to 13.8V.


The only difference between the -775T and -939T models is which mounting plate it uses. The actual TEC-block is identical. The Meanwell S-320-12 is rated for a voltage adjustment of ± 10% which means the maximum should be 13.6V, not 13.8V. The highest voltage I measured with a multimeter was 13.56V, which tallies with the 10% and 13.6V specification on Meanwell's own product page.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Meanwell 320W PSU)
  3. Installation (Meanwell PSU)
  4. Installation (Motherboard Preparation)
  5. Installation (CPU & MCW6500-T)
  6. Specifications
  7. Testing (Opteron 170: Stock)
  8. Testing (Opteron 170: Overclocked)
  9. Testing (3500+ Venice: Stock)
  10. Testing (3500+ Venice: Overclocked)
  11. Conclusion
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