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Swiftech MCW6500-T TEC (Peltier) Assisted Water Block


Closer Look:

The TEC in the MCW6500-T has to be fed some serious power. You could run it off your PC's power supply, but you'd have to not be using 226 Watts on a 12 Volt rail. It's probably a better idea to use a dedicated TEC power supply. My main rig has about 80 Watts to spare, nowhere near enough to power a 226W TEC. So for me, the recommended Meanwell 320 power supply was a necessity, not an option.

The Meanwell S-320-12 is a variable voltage power supply that can supply 25 Amps at 12 Volts. This is over and above what the 226W TEC needs, so there will be no shortage of power. The unit itself is similar to an optical drive in size, a bit longer, a bit taller and a bit narrower in comparison. At the back you have Earth, Neutral and Live mains AC input terminals, three terminals for the positive DC output and three terminals for the ground DC output. To the left of the terminals you see the voltage control potentiometer. This lets you dial the voltage up or down 10%, up to 13.6 Volts for maximum TEC cooling operation, and also down below to 10.8 Volts if you wanted to pull on the reins at all, for example, if the TEC was freezing your CPU so much, that it began whimpering and begging for some hot chocolate.

Round the sides there are vents at the bottom that extend underneath the chassis of the unit. You may have noticed the fan hole at the top. This is a thermally controlled exhaust fan that stops the PSU from overheating much like a regular computer PSU.

As the unit is narrower than a standard 5.25" bay device, the PSU needs adapter brackets to be fitted in order to be mounted in a bay. These brackets are supplied as part of the Meanwell 320 accessory kit.


Four screws are supplied to attach the brackets to the PSU chassis. So you end up with the PSU like this:

The brackets have threads tapped on the outer sides to allow screws to be fitted to secure the PSU/bracket in the 5.25" bay. However, these threads turned out to be #4-40 UNC American threads! The standard drive bay screws for optical drives, fan controllers and any 5.25" bay device I can think of, use the metric M3 screws. This might not be a problem if you have a case that uses screws to secure a device AND you live in America. I live in England and I have a case that uses M3 "cheese head" screws that allow devices to slide in and lock into the 5.25" bay. There was no option but to modify the brackets, which I will show in due course.


So anyway, you end up with the PSU/bracket combo ready to fit in the bay. Also supplied in the Meanwell 320 accessory kit is a control relay and an IEC C14 mains connector. This connector is often called a Europlug or kettle-plug, but it is exactly the same as the ones used in ATX and many other form-factor PSUs.


You might be wondering how this all connects. It's a lot easier just to show you how it works by showing the installation process and you can see then how the cables hook up and everything else.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Meanwell 320W PSU)
  3. Installation (Meanwell PSU)
  4. Installation (Motherboard Preparation)
  5. Installation (CPU & MCW6500-T)
  6. Specifications
  7. Testing (Opteron 170: Stock)
  8. Testing (Opteron 170: Overclocked)
  9. Testing (3500+ Venice: Stock)
  10. Testing (3500+ Venice: Overclocked)
  11. Conclusion
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