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Sunbeamtech Rheosmart 6 Fan Controller Review



The Sunbeamteach Rheosmart 6 is, overall, a very good fan controller. Its black mesh design will help it blend in with any cases with a similar facade. Its ability to control six fans will be enough for all but the most fan-crazy PC enthusiasts. It can provide up to 30w of power per fan, so no matter how large or how beefy the fans you have are, the Rheosmart 6 should be able to handle them with ease.

The extension cables are perfect for anyone with full-tower cases, where the fan cable may not be enough to reach to the fan controller. The only two problems are: 1. The Smart Cooling System only works with the CPU heatsink fan, and though it works well here and is really where it needs to work, it doesn't work as advertised. 2. I would very much recommend this controller if it weren't for the elusiveness of it. Not one of the sites that Sunbeamtech lists as a product carrier stocks the Rheosmart 6.

Beyond those issues, no major e-tailers or international e-tailers are currently stocking the Rheosmart 6. The Rheosmart 6 is certainly worthy of purchase, and, if you manage to find it for sale anywhere for around $30 (or your country's equivalent), or less, I heartily recommend giving it a shot.



  • Sleek mesh design
  • Capacity for six fans
  • High power capacity for each fan
  • Extension cables provided



  • Smart Cooling System doesn't work as advertised
  • Seemingly unavailable for purchase
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