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Sunbeam Core-Contact Freezer Review

Price: $39.99


Have you been looking for a new cooler for your processor? Do you have one of the new processors that emit a lot of heat? Sunbeam may just have the solution for you! Whether you are overclocking your processor or you are going to be leaving your processor at stock speeds and volts, you may want to upgrade the cooling solution to keep it from degrading and being ruined from excessive heat. Sunbeam has taken its cooler and incorporated the heatpipes directly into the base of the cooler, allowing the heat to be transferred quickly and efficiently from the IHS of your processor to the fins of the cooler with the Core-Contact Freezer CPU Cooler. I am interested to see how this cooler will compare when it is put up head to head against some of the other coolers that are out on the market.  

Closer Look:  

The front of the package is where you are going to get your first glimpse of the Sunbeam Core-Contact Freezer, it looks very similar to the SilenX iXtrema Pro heatsink and the Thermalright Ultra 120. It is a large tower made up of aluminum fins with heatpipes traveling through them to hold them together. The top of the package is where the Core-Contact Freezer name is printed. There is also a little bubble on the side that shows you what the base of the cooler looks like with the heatpipes being exposed on the base. There is another bubble that shows you that there is thermal paste included with the Core-Contact Freezer. There is an ultra silent fan that is included with the cooler to make sure that it will efficiently cool the processor. The back of the package for the Core-Contact Freezer is where you are going to find a list of the main features for the cooler, fan, as well as the thermal paste. The specifications and compatibility for sockets are on one of the sides and the other side is where you are going to find more pictures of the cooler and its accessories.  









When you open the package you can take a look at what comes with the Sunbeam Core-Contact Freezer, you will see a large plastic package that holds the cooler as well as the fan. The molded plastic packaging is going to keep the Core-Contact Freezer in place and prevent any damage from occurring during the shipping process, such as broken or bent fins. There is also a white box that is included with the packaging, this is where all of the accessories are packed. There is a LGA Socket 775 retention bracket to mount the Core-Contact Freezer, two fan clips, a fan speed controller, TX-2 thermal paste, screws, and a user manual.  




Now that we know what the Sunbeam Core-Contact Freezer packaging looks like and what it comes with, it's time to take a look at the actual cooler itself as well as the fan that is included.  

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