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StarDrive Review



A word I use sometimes to describe a gameplay experience is 'solid.' What I mean by this is that the experience was well crafted, both in design and implementation. If a game is not solid, then that could imply a number of things. In this case it implies that the game is lacking in polished and consistent execution. As the previous section clearly points out, there are still many issues with the game, and these must be considered when reviewing a game. Indeed there are many games that people refuse to buy or play because of a single issue. The only hope for the developers and publishers is that the issue is fixed before people move on to the next title. Fortunately for StarDrive, none of these issues appear to be game breaking, just potentially deal-breaking.

Should you avoid this game until a later date, when the issues I have listed, and others I am not aware of, have been fixed? Only you can decide that. My own recommendation is that if you enjoy micromanagement in 4X games, you should get this game. If you enjoy innovative games that put more control at the players' fingertips, you should get this game. Many of the features in this game I hope will one day make it into other 4X franchises.

I cannot say this game is solid in its present form, but I would call it firm, if you will allow me to. Much of what it is lacking is the result of it not living up to its own ambition, and not because the game itself is mediocre. The developers are working to address many of these issues though, and sooner or later they will succeed and make this a truly solid game. At that time, it will be very easy to recommend StarDrive to anyone who enjoys a good 4X game.

  1. Introduction
  2. Race Selection/Creation & Colonization
  3. Diplomacy & Espionage
  4. Economy & Research
  5. Ships, Fleets, & War
  6. Aggravations, Bugs, & Criticisms
  7. Graphics & Extra Screenshots
  8. Conclusion
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